Wade Robson’s JoJo Interview Highlights

Amongst the highlights from Wade Robson’s interview with KIIS FM’s that just wrapped up:
– He’s currently working on the new Dream album and helping with the auditions for Melissa’s replacement. He echoed Puffy’s comments saying there were no hard feelings, but the rest of the group is anxious over having someone new with them. Wade’s also producing 4 tracks on their upcoming album.
– He’s working with Backstreet Boys, but downplayed working with *NSYNC’s so-called ‘rival’, saying the rivalry is an invention of the media. He’s even working on O-Town’s new album
– He didn’t think he could help out Fat Joe much on dance moves.
– The dancers he admires the most are mostly dead, including Fred Astaire, though he had good things to say about Michael Jackson.
– Wade’s also trying to put together his own girl group.

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