Wallis Bird Irish Tour Update

updated fans while on her Irish tour on her blog at MySpace (@wallisbird) on Thursday (October 22). The Irish singer songwriter tells readers:

How are things? In my end we’re in the middle of The Irish tour, gigging away, fighting off constant sore throats and slightly tired heads ‘cos of the change in weather. But we’re really enjoying ourselves and having the craic as always- actually, a little bit more than usual these days, it’s the best on tour group we’ve ever had.

I have my brother Edgar doing guitar tech so that’s been a lovely piece of home with me. He’s doing a great job and we’ve really enjoyed having him with us! Sarah Horgan is joining us from today onwards doing support, so that’s another good friend with us. Aidan has been the brunt of jokes on one of our most wiped out days of the tour. We had serious giggles and changed the setlist to songs with his name: When we Kissed the World fell in Aidan, Measuring Aidan, Blossoms in the Aidan and so on! Fun Fun fun!

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