Wallis Bird On How The Studio Is Going

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@wallisbird) on Friday (August 15) with the following message:

How’s the studio going you ask??


I’m sitting in studio cutting sh** up to bits, melodyning EVERYTHING, beat detectiving all the soul and all the groove out of Christian’s drums, I’ve replaced my vocals and my body with Scarlet Johansens. I’ve spilt half a K of Charlie between the faders or the 128 channel SSL desk that I loaned from the sheikh. THEN… we got arrested because we broke the sound barrier again, and our neighbors ( Lennox and Elton John) filed a complaint, so now we’re recording a 20 minute 6 string bass solo in 16 hertz. I’m sitting on the speakers.

(ooooooooh me molecules!)

Michael is in another K-hole, I dunno what I’m gonna do with him, he’s gone off the rails this time… in the tabloids all the time, falling out of chic bars with another filthy A-list celeb on his arm.

Meanwhile, I sold my guitars for cigarettes, and now have nothing to record my songs with… so I’ve been beatboxing, and clapping… and flapping. It sounds good.

Marcus has been pissing me off too, he just wont do any work and when I ask him can he bring up the last session we did, he just tells me what a bad mother I am to our child, I wish he would stop bringing Reginald into it.

So… the studio is going fine

Smell ya later crocodile!
wal x

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