Wallis Bird Records New Material At Her Parents’ Home

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@wallisbird) on Thursday (September 11). The Irish indie pop singer writes:

The recording is going excellent. I recently went home for a week after the picnic to go down to my parents’ house to annoy/record them!! It was so nice. Myself and Marcus went down with a whole load of equipment and a whole load of happiness! I wrote a couple songs while I was there and the sound of the room that came across on their recordings just felt like the house was breathing. The wooden floor became the bassdrum, the squeaky chair became and toot-flute, the dogs became a regular instrument cos they sneaked into tracks non stop! My neighbors sang, anyone that was there sang, the rain pelted tracks of atmosphere, my parents of course walked in on the quietest of tracks without knowing: Mam walks in and asks Aidan “would you like something to eat?” to which she got pelted with flailing arm gestures and quiet signs… She get a fright and shouts “OH SORRY!!” Then Dad walks in and I dunno why he shouts, but he does: “DID YE GET SOMETHING TO EAT?” to which we all just crack up laughing!!! There’s loads of funny incidents, hopefully it comes across on tape! Brillo Pads!

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