Walter Scott Calls Christina Aguilera’s Image ‘Sick’

Contributed by Jerseline:

The Sunday November 24th issue of the weekly US publication ‘Parade’ had a brief comment in it reguarding Christina Aguilera’s video for ‘Dirrty’. It was under the mail-in / opinion section titled ‘Walter Scott’s Personality Parade’. In it, a writer’s letter is quoted in asking for the editior’s view of XXX-Tina’s view of the video. This is how it’s written in the publication, in exact quote:

“Q- Given the fact that is idolized by preeteen girls, how would you describe the video for her new song, “Dirrty,” in which she bumps and grinds in a pair of suggestive kneepads and leather chaps? – D.S., Baton Rouge, La.

A – we’d describe it in a word : sick.”

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