Warrant Issued For Blue’s Lee Ryan

The Sun reports that Blue star Lee Ryan Lee has so far failed to pay up the £200 criminal damage compensation that a court ordered him to pay to picture agency BIG after a court convicted him of damaging two photographers’ cameras last May and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

“Lee’s representatives paid the costs by credit card on the day of the court case and that marked the end of the case as far as Lee was concerned,” a spokesperson for Ryan said. “He was amazed and upset to hear that the matter appears to still be unresolved and will be looking into how the mix-up could have occurred immediately.”

New Year’s Resolution For Blue’s Lee Ryan

Blue star Lee Ryan is promising to tone down his bad behavior in 2005. “I’m just going to take it easy and that means staying focused on work,” ContactMusic.com quotes the boy band member promising. “My mum will be keeping tabs on me and we’ll look after each other. But that’s it now for me. I like the ladies but that’s nothing bad. It’s human nature. I like having fun that’s all. I work hard and I certainly play hard. And that’s hardly a crime is it.”

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