Was Christina Aguilera’s Cancelled Tour A Publicity Stunt?

I know the subject is a little old, but I still am going to state my opinion.

When Christina Aguilera first announced she would be doing a summer tour I immediately thought it was fishy, I mean she had just toured, her album was over 2 years old, and she had already released 5 music videos off the album. Just a few weeks earlier she had been on T.R.L trying to promote the “M.A.C” thing. I thought, this girl has no new material out why is she doing all this.

Then she began to go around promoting her tour, but besides promotion it didn’t look like she was doing much rehearsing for her tour. Then she suddenly cancelled her tour. Some said she had vocal strains while others said it was slow ticket sales. However the tour was just a FRAUD, Christina never really planned on touring in the first place. She was jealous of all the attention was getting so she decided to “pretend” to go on tour then cancel though whole thing to get attention. It’s just to bad Christina never though about how her little stunt would hurt her fans.
*T.J Hoopla*

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