Was Jon Bon Jovi Rude To Michelle Branch?

Michelle Branch Mini

did a quick 10 questions with her Twitter followers (@michellebranch) moments ago, discussing career regrets, travel, an alternate profession, and what appears to be a disappointing experience with Jon Bon Jovi. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Yuca’s but there isn’t any booze so you have to go to the liquor store next door and BYOB. RT @dlowe72 “fave Mexican in LA?”

Early on when everything happened so quickly, I took a lot for granted. RT @susieforsyth “do you have any regrets about your career?”

Coke all the way but what happened to Crystal Clear Pepsi? I liked that. @jawk “Coke or Pepsi?”

On the rocks, salt. @elhefe526 “salt or no salt #margarita”

An old boyfriend and Led Zeppelin of course :) @dinnac4t “Was just listening to your old record. What inspired Empty Handed?”

I’ve never been to Ireland and my Dad’s side is from County Cork. @ichan1991 “if given a chance what country would you like to travel?”

Doing something creative that outsiders constantly judge for a living is hard RT @SidneyWeich what is the hardest part of being a musician?

America during westward expansion 1800’s RT @NormaMaravilla “If you could go back, which time period would u like to live in?”

I would have wanted to be a pastry chef. RT @wei_yang ” What would you be doing if you weren’t a song writer?”

Yes, and I’ve seen Steven in a thong but that’s an entirely different story!! :) RT @BrotherPeter “Did you ever get to meet Aerosmith?”

That was fun! Thanks! Since a lot of you asked: I was given my single release date AND album release date today!! I’ll announce very soon xo

BONUS: Stevie Nicks=kindest EVER. Rudest is from Jersey & has 3 names RT @Wildaboutmusic “What rock legend has been kindest to you? Rudest?”

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