Was Lindsay Lohan A Nightmare On The ‘Herbie’ Set Too?

Someone claiming to be a crew member on the set of ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’ contacted WorldOfWonder.net to complain about Lindsay Lohan’s behavior during filming.

“So I see that Ms. Lohan is refuting the accusations made against her,” the writer said, regarding the letter sent to Lohan by Morgan Creek CEO Productions CEO James G. Robinson. “It sounds to me that her behavior is exactly the same inconsiderate sh** she pulled on the ‘Herbie’ production. She stayed out all night, and then the doctor announced that Ms Lohan had asthma the next day. She played the exhaustion card a couple of times. Too tired from shooting to bear another day of shooting. She calls in sick one day and we find out she is across town shooting a day with her then-boyfriend on ‘That 70’s Show’ [Wilmer Valderrama].”

The full story at worldofwonder.net has since been removed.

A Lesson For

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Tuesday night before disqualified Tour de France winner Floyd Landis joined the show: “I’ve been reading all the different stories. And we’ll find out when he gets out here. But one point, they said, his high testosterone level is due to a night of heavy drinking. Yeah, he still manages to show up the next day on time. So see that, Lindsay Lohan? It can be done.”

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