Watch Meiko Pack For Her First Headlining Tour

Meiko packing before going on tour takes viewers through the process of getting ready to go on her first ever headlining tour in a video clip at her MySpace Video channel. The singer songwriter is first seen with her suitcase before selecting some outfits to bring on the road. She also brought along green tea, vitamins, pillow and a baseball glove. Meiko also offers a look inside her underwear drawer, selecting an assortment of panties.

“Hi this is and I’m getting ready to go on my first headlining tour ever, and I’m really, really excited,” Meiko said. “As you can see, I have started packing (laughs). Basically I leave in a day and I like to wait until the last minute to do things, because that’s my style. But I have one pair of jeans and I thought I would take you guys with me as I pack my suitcase for tour.”

Video at MySpace has since been removed.

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One thought on “Watch Meiko Pack For Her First Headlining Tour

  1. Jimmy Rocca says:

    HA! I think I’m in love with this girl – seriously.

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