Watch Out Christina Aguilera Haters

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It started again I guess …These essays claming that Christina Aguilera’s next album will flop. Just because she waited a little long before releasing her third album does not mean that she is forgotten. I just can not see why these people are writing essays like these as if they had nothing else to do. Mostly I am talking about fans of course…these people should grow up quickly and develop a taste in music. What kind of a person can enjoy a pointless Britney song?

Christina’s second album came three years after her debut and her third will come three years after Stripped. I think she proved everyone how powerful she is in the music industry by selling nearly 10.5 million units with stripped which I think is a massive success especially these days. Who sells more? She waits quite long before she releases her albums because she and her music needs time to grow with her audience. It is really upsetting that she is compared to a totally pointless Britney Spears, who is not capable of singing. I advise these obsessed Britney fans to be more mature. Their idol is doing the same thing since she came to the music scene .Success comes with change. This is like this in every part of the life. Just like Christina; I think every artist should try to come up with something new. Some of them may not be appreciated so much but in the end it is always these people who become the most successful.

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