‘We Are The World’ Singers Didn’t Like Michael Jackson Tune

Billy Joel revealed in the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone that he wasn’t a fan of Michael Jackson’s 1985 charity hit, ‘We Are The World’, even though the all-star track features Joel singing along with Bruce Springsteen, Lionel Richie, Tina Turner and others. “I remember most of us who were there didn’t like the song, but nobody would say so,” Joel admitted. “I think Cyndi Lauper leaned over to me and said, ‘It sounds like a Pepsi commercial.’ And I didn’t disagree.” Joel added that just as Jacko does now, the King of Pop was “constantly applying makeup.”

Debbie Rowe’s Attorney Denies British Tabloid Report

December 2, 2005 – The Chicago Sun-Times reports Iris Finsilver, attorney for Michael Jackson’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe, is vehemently denying a report in the Sunday World newspaper in Ireland quoting Rowe as claiming Jackson was not the biological father of Michael Jr. or Paris. Finsilver says Rowe “never spoke to any newspaper” on that subject.

Illegal Drug Claims Denied By Jacko Lawyer

December 1, 2005 – The Sun reports that Michael Jackson’s lawyer Brent Ayscough defended the star against drug claims made in Wednesday’s issue of the London tabloid. “Mr. Jackson uses an amount of prescription drugs, but he does not take anything illegal or obtain anything in an illegal manner,” Ayscough insisted.

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13 thoughts on “‘We Are The World’ Singers Didn’t Like Michael Jackson Tune

  1. Haha says:

    They are fu**ing crazy! (Lauper, Joel and the rest of the singers who agreed with them). If they didn’t like the tune, then why did they choose to be involved? I LOVED We Are the World. Such a powerful song. Such a good tune.
    RIP Michael Jackson.

  2. brigitte says:

    if they didn’t like the tune, they wouldn’t of been involved. If it were me I wouldn’t of done it especially if I didn’t like it. They are just hating. We will always remember and love you Micheal Jackson.

  3. Gaia says:

    oh my god, if they didn’t like it, then they shouldn’t have liked it, and I liked it, and it was not for them! It wasn’t about them it was USA Africa not about the song is bad or good, its about Sick children in Africa ergh, and so what Michael had a problem with his skin, and Michael Jackson was better then most of those singers there! so they can shh!

  4. JC says:

    Micheal was, is and will be the best singer, entertainer of all times. The music We are the World is one of the greatest musics ever, for what it meant, for how it was made and for what it brought to those who needed. I think that anyone that didn’t like it should be MAN or WOMAN enough to GET OUT. I think there is no need to remember how great Micheal Jackson was, is and will be for ever!

  5. Bella says:

    Sounds to me like Billy Joel was jealous, as well as Lauper. If they didn’t like the song maybe they should have tried to do it better? They couldn’t do it better, they didn’t have as much talent in their whole bodies as MJ had in his little finger. Two no talent losers. It’s a beautiful song. One that sticks with you and keeps going around in your head for days.

  6. Chanti says:

    They can hush. That was a powerful song and it was very well-received. If they didn’t like it, they should’ve left or written one themselves. They were jealous of how great Michael was. He was the best out of all them, along with Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and Bruce Springsteen. Screw them, go Michael! RIP!

  7. HonestJack says:

    Lauper and Joel are right! they are stating that the song is like a “Pepsi commercial” considering Pepsi used Michael Jackson for there own advertising and he wrote “we are the world” what were they expecting!
    I personally think that WATW represents one of the best pieces of Jackson’s catalog and its no secret he wrote about 95% of it alone.
    Billy Joel should of been thankful of the exposure as by the mid eighties his “stardom” was beginning to wane and Lauper, she’s tried to re-invent herself so many times, perhaps she should of put as much effort in to her music then people might still listen to it!

  8. Bring it on says:

    Billy Joel must think before he says something!’We are the world’ is still a big hit in the hearts of all MJ fans!If Billy Joel thinks he could make a batter song he should have done it and organized 40 odd singers to come for 1 night to record it!I think jealousy is something no one can’t stop!and I also think Lauper and Joel should be thankful that they were involved and should be thanking god that they dint turn it down like Madonna!R.I.P M.J.!

  9. Genesis says:

    The reason why people hate or dislike something is because they couldn’t think of it themselves or they just don’t like the person who came up with it. What does Michael Jackson make-up have to do with the song. The song was for a special cause and if you didn’t like it then don’t be in it and leave.

  10. RIcky Brown says:

    I’m a little surprised that Billy Joel would come out in the press and make such an off the cuff comment about a concept that was purely meant to unite, heal and empower a dying continent (Africa). It’s obvious that Joel, a talented writer, composer and singer himself, thought that he could’ve done better… My question then becomes, why didn’t he? He didn’t because he couldn’t. He didn’t because he didn’t truly care about the cause for the song or the people it meant to reach. He didn’t because he looked at the OPPORTUNITY to be a part of the historical making of the song as nothing more than another way to be self-indulgent. Shame on Joel for airing his meaningless comments publicly. Let’s see how many of his albums fly off the shelves when his time is up.

  11. Sandra from Brazil says:

    It was Billy Joel and Cyndi Lauper’s problem. The music was success all over the world, Michael knew everything about music, he was right about the tune, he was a talent in everything.

  12. Carey Edwards says:

    Lauper and Joel’s comments are only a little surprising, but terribly disappointing. The two have them have made a few of my favorite songs. So, I have to respect their talent. Sure, the song has a jingle quality to it with the constant repitition of the hook. But, it seems amazingly brilliant to have arranged it so brilliantly with that perfect blending of all those unique voices. We Are the World is a masterfull art piece in my opinion. Do those talented artists not see and appreciate that? Curious…

  13. corlista says:

    Jackson DELIBERATELY made the chorus simple and singable so it would stick in the minds of listeners. Brilliant when you’re trying to raise money. Sad Joel and Lauper were so ignorant of what Michael was doing but then that kind of genius and connection was why he was mourned all over the globe and doubtful either of them will be.

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