We Met Hilary Duff

Contributed by BSBfanatic935:

I won a contest to meet actress turned singer Hilary Duff (Lizze McGuire). I took my friend Alyssa and all we can say is wow. She is totally cool and so down to earth. I could so see her being my friend. She talked about Aaron Carter, her new clothing line, and new movie. Read on to read my encounter.

So yeah yesterday Alyssa and I (Jennifer) met Hilary Duff. So we went to the radio station (after seeing The Lizzie
McGuire movie which is really good). We went into this conference type room
with a big table and we sat on the end leaving the chair at the head of the
table empty, which worked like a charm since that was the only chair left
when she got there so we sat by her the whole time lol There was other girls
our age there (like 3 other ones lol) and then rest were little kids. She
was totally sweet and really nice. We listened to some songs on her CD thats
coming out at the end of August. She has a clothing line coming out and she
told us where its going to be but she wasn’t suppose to (her mom was like
you can’t tell them that yet! lol) So we know where we’re going and when to
get cute clothes ;-) She signed some pictures. She did this scribble art
thing for my dad and what you do is scribble on this paper and he’ll add
things and color it and turn it into an abstract peice of cool looking art
and hang it in our restaurant. So we got one from her (and a pic of her
holding it). We both took pictures with her. She showed us her permit because I asked her if she drives. She said her picture was
horrible lol I showed her my licsense and she said it doesn’t look like me
(thank God! lol) Yes she’s going out with Aaron (her mom told us the cell
phone bill was horrible lol). She told us she sees Aaron about once a month but talks to him all the time. She said she might go to some of Aaron’s shows on this tour. And she might have her own tour but she’s really
shy. She’s a normal teenage girl. She’s funny too. When somsone asked when her album was coming out she was like “Umm… Scottie!” who is her manager, becasue she wasn’t sure. So yeah she’s totally cool and swwet. She singed autographs and took pictures and everything and I really like her now.

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