Webmaster Sets The Record Straight On Carter Exclusive

Contributed by cham:

This was posted from Chris Crazy on DLS:

There are so many different stories going around about the world exclusive. I got people at some site called “stuck in the middle” saying it’s a Shout/Scream remix and I honestly have no idea why they’ve invented that story. Here are the real details.

The track was made for Dirty Little Secrets. It is 100% exclusive to us. It was sent to me, chrisCRAZY from a DJ in Sweden via. snail mail in the form of a CD single. The clip is NOT a mix of Shout and Scream like some people are claiming, it is all ‘SHOUT’ and it’s sung by both and Michael Jackson. They take turns singing but they both sing the chorus together. The reason I have this track is because the DJ, who I know simply as ‘Daniel’, chose this website to “put it out there” because he wants to see how people react to it online.

On another note, the plan was to release the full track when the new site was ready. There is a chance it’ll be done on January 10th, 2003 but we can’t guarantee that, but what we can guarantee is that whether or not the site is ready to go, the complete ‘Shout’ will be available to download on that day!

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