Wedding Day Breakup For Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck

People magazine is reporting that and Ben Affleck have split up on what was to have been their wedding day. Affleck was the one who decided to pull the plug on the dying relationship, sources said. Meanwhile, J.Lo was spotted at Miami’s South Beach on Saturday, signing autographs for fans after a quick dip in the ocean with some girl friends. A close pal told People that J.Lo is “devastated” over the split.

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Finally Draw A Crowd

September 14, 2003 – David Letterman rattled off several jokes about Jennifer and Ben’s postponed wedding during his Thursday night monologue. He joked, “True story – Ben and J. Lo’s wedding has been postponed. They are now pushing the wedding back to divorce. The postponement comes a little too late. That crate guy – he already shipped himself to Santa Barbara.” He added, “Ben and J. Lo say they are upset with all the media attention they are getting. They should be pleased. This is the first thing they’ve done together to draw a crowd! J.Lo has been married so many times that she now has bouquet elbow.”

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8 thoughts on “Wedding Day Breakup For Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck

  1. OohSexxy says:

    If this is true its kinda sad awwww there were very over exposed I never thought they would last regardless of how much they had the same values and interests blah..If I was Jen I would feel so stupid right now because there is the Dateline interview,Dear Ben song, Movie Premiers’, and all the interviews she’s ever done saying Ben this Ben that, I would be embarrassed that’s just my opinion.

  2. Carrie says:

    I’m very sad about the split although I knew he was trouble. It’s got to be awful for her because it’s so public and because I think she truly cared deeply about him. Now she knows how all her exes have felt after being dumped. Not only that, it will be the worst taste of her own medicine. Now she’ll have to bare seeing Ben with a slew of Hollywood beauties just like Gywneth had to do. No matter how much fame and fortune Hollywood does bring, you can keep it. Emotional abuse and distress is one of the worst things to experience. I’d rather be poor, happy, and in a healthy relationship.

  3. jazzprofounder says:

    If this is true, I have to say that it’s kinda sad to hear that they have broken up. Even if their relationship was way too overexposed and got extremely annoying after Gigli, Ben Love’s Jen TV special, and so much talk and stuff about their relationship, I still kinda feel sorry for both of them, mainly Jen. Jen seemed to be the one that mainly emotionally talked about their relationship and how she felt about Ben more than Ben talking about how much he loved Jen. Her album was mainly based on Ben, and she even had a song about him! Ben didn’t seem to passionately talk about Jen that much. The only time I saw him talk about her was in magazine interviews or his family and friends speaking for him. So I dunno, it’s no surprise that they split, I just hope Jen could get through this and next time take things more slow.

  4. bsg1hbk says:

    maybe this is a stunt so that the media calms down over them and they can get married in peace…. they have been known to fool the media.

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    or maybe once again Ben and Jen will say, “oh that isn’t true. We haven’t broken up. our love is stronger than ever.” Next it will be reported that they were eating happily together at restaurant, claiming that, “their relationship is stronger than ever.” As if that’s gonna REALLY prove what’s happening behind closed doors.

  6. BFellow04 says:

    If you read the whole interview, it says “It’s not certain if the break-up will be permanent”. So maybe this is another one of those things that they do to throw off the media.

  7. EyezCold says:

    Aw the poor over craved sex biatch had it coming to her. No man will take a ho like that serious. Muhahahahaha what a looser J-lo. Her movie career is so depressing and her music career is over. Lol whats funny is that her new perfume coming soon called Still Jlo sucks and is a rip off which she will probably get sued for. LOL Ben go and marry some other diva, how about Matt Damon. LOL

  8. YogiBear says:

    this was going to be her 3rd wedding…she should’ve known better… And Ben is just a man…he’s never been married before and he’s still got his demons to work out… So it would’ve never worked between them anyway. they both need to just chill out.

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