Weekend Update Jokes About Jacko

Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update joked about last night saying, “It was reported that Michael Jackson has a cameo role in the ‘Men in Black’ sequel, in which he plays an alien but doesn’t wear a costume. Touche, Michael. You beat us to the joke this time.” Later they joked, “According to a new biography on Madonna, in 1991, the pop star tried to seduce Michael Jackson. I know it sounds crazy now. But, you have to remember what Jackson looked like back in 1991 [they showed a photo of a black male model]. Ha ha. I told you we’d be back, Michael.”

Conan Takes Cheap Shot At Jacko

November 3, 2001 – Conan hit below the belt in his Friday monologue joking, “This is worth mentioning. A high school student in Michigan is in a lot of trouble for going to school on Halloween dressed as a vagina. True story. Surprisingly, he frightened all the students dressed like Michael Jackson.”

Leno Rips Jacko-Liza Collaboration

November 3, 2001 – Michael Jackson joked during his monologue on Friday, “Hey, according to the tabloids listen to this. Michael Jackson wants make a movie with Liza Minnelli. You talk about weaving box office gold, huh, yeah? Woo! Woo! I can’t wait to see the sexual tension on the seen when those two get together. Woo!”

Conan Cracks On Pop Stars

November 2, 2001 – Conan O’Brien joked about pop stars Thursday night saying, ” It was reported today that Jennifer Lopez, listen to this, is getting $12 million for her next movie. Can you believe that? Yeah, and not only that, this is amazing, is getting $14 million not to make her next movie. Thought it was amazing. A good deal. Have you seen that yet? Okay. We’ll show it later in the program. Show you “Glitter.” This is weird. The New York Post, and they’re always right, reports that Madonna — listen to this, once tried get Michael Jackson into bed. Did you see that? Tried to get Michael Jackson into bed. Yeah, unfortunately, Michael refused her offer because she didn’t have bunk beds. That’s what he likes. He likes the little — feety pajamas.”

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Update Jokes About Jacko

  1. Robbie says:

    Michael Jackson is having a personalized funeral. The service is by Blue Peter and the coffin’s made by Tupperware.

  2. k2 says:

    Day 96 and Jade Goody gets a new house mate

  3. jacko who cares says:

    RSPCA announcement,
    wanted home for a monkey, it is very friendly, likes children and enjoys being wanked off by a white glove..

    It appears that Jacko was a child prodigy on the violin.. and new DVD of early performances has been discovered called” Michael Jackson kiddie fiddler”.

  4. London says:

    Uh WTF?! You guys need lives. It’s a testament to how famous and talented Michael is because he has so many haters. Get a girlfriend. Get a pet. Collect stamps. I don’t really give a s**t, just do something more productive with your time.

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