Weight Related Stories Bother Hilary Duff

World Entertainment News Network reports is sensitive to tabloid’s running photos about her being too heavy or too thin. “I was in Canada filming ‘The Perfect Man’ and I put on this outfit that I thought was really cute and creative: jeans, a tank top and a scarf tied around my waist,” Duff explained. “It was windy and the scarf was blowing away from me. At the time I wasn’t skinny, but I wasn’t fat either, and this magazine comes out saying, ‘Hilary Duff Puffs Up’. I was so embarrassed!” Duff returned to Los Angeles and began losing weight with help of Pilates, only to see another magazine running a headline reading: ‘Oh, No! Now Hilary’s a Stick Figure’. Duff fumed, “You can never make those people happy, so you just have to make yourself happy!”

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