Westlife At War

The Sun reports Bryan McFadden quit after a series of bitter bust-ups ripped the band apart, starting with his romp with lapdancer Amy Barker that boiled over into a physical altercation with bandmate Kian Egan. “The incident with the lapdancer has had bigger ramifications than anyone imagines,” an insider revealed. “From that moment on Bryan became increasingly difficult and would not play the media card. He feels he became a real victim and became bitter. It really wound up the rest of the band, who know what side their bread is buttered on. There were fights about interviews and TV appearances and on more than one occasion it ended in a proper scrap. Kian had a dig at Bryan about mucking about with strippers and Bryan launched himself at him. He sat on top of Kian and started punching him in the head before security split them up. They have never been the same since.”

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