Westlife Gives Major Props To The Backstreet Boys

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NickFreak at BSBblvd.com says, “Any of you heard of Westlife? Well they are an Irish boyband who are huge over here in Europe and have tried to become a hit in the US. They have mentioned BSB quite a few times in the past as being ‘legends’ and ‘our influences’ etc. but on one show called Planet Rock Profiles which was aired here in Ireland a few weeks ago they praised BSB no less than 8 times in a half hour show! It was great! They went on about how they wanted to try to live up to their high standards and if they could be half as powerfull vocally as BSB their mission would be complete! They went on and on and I now have so much more respect for them! I have to admit when I saw their live show it was almost a complete replica of BSBs Millennium tour with all their outfits from the Black & tour which drove me mad but AT LEAST they have the decency to say that they love Backstreet Boys (which is more than I can say for a few other OBVIOUS BSB rip offs *cough* *NSYNC *cough*) and as Kian (one of the members) said, “When we formed we just wanted to be as good a vocal harmony group as the Backstreet Boys.”

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2 thoughts on “Westlife Gives Major Props To The Backstreet Boys

  1. Katheine says:

    Please please please help me…….i live in the states I’m actually from FL. I have been listening to WESTLIFE for over 4 years now, I LOVE THEM!!!! I heard a rumor that they were touring with BSB please I don’t know if this is a rumor or not but to think about WESTLIFE here omg =] where do I go to buy my ticket please email me back if someone has any information

  2. bsbnicknina4ever says:

    huh? so what happened now?
    see. Westlife sucks now(actually also before).
    all BSB fans respect all Westlife fans.
    but. I saw in YouTube that Westlife fans still making vids like Nicky vs. Nick Carter. so, it means they don’t respect BSB fans. they can’t accept the fact that BSB is the best!and Westlife lose..
    i’m proud to be a BSB fan.!!! KTBSPA!! :)

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