What Cody Simpson Looks For In A Potential Girlfriend

Cody Simpson girlfriend

Popstar! caught up with at a recent Radio Disney interview, where the Australian pop singer talked about what he looks for in a potential girlfriend, the first thing he notices in a girl, and his idea of a perfect first date. “Just a girl who can be herself around me and a girl that can make me laugh,” Cody said to the first question.

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5 thoughts on “What Cody Simpson Looks For In A Potential Girlfriend

  1. Sara K. says:

    Awesome.Oh! That reminds me! I’m gonna go see Cody Simpson this Tuesday! Oh yeah, baby! :D

  2. savannah says:

    TOO CUTE!!! I LOVE HIM <3 HE is way better than Justin Bieber and the cool thing is he has a birthday on the same day as my best friend!!!!!!!! so cool LOVE HIM <3

  3. donna says:

    Hey guys I love Cody Simpson he is the bust woo!!!!!! lol bye

  4. donna says:

    Miley thinks anyone is cute ok bye!!!

  5. Celeste says:

    I love Australian accents and I’m a huge fan..now if only I could meet him…. :D if your on here Cody, text me sometime. If your not really Cody…. BACK OFF! Lol

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