What Happens When Artists Innovate?

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Every single artist would fit in nicely in either the category where they are the leader of the pack or someone at the back holding on desperately to the relentless rapid pace of ever changing musical taste of the public. Almost every single one putting out a new album would boast of “growth”, “experimentation” and even more hilarious catch phrases like “I am my own person” but everyone inevitably sounds just like someone else in the music scene.

Pink truly broke the mold when she turned her back to pop and R&B and released the brave Rock-inspired album “mizunderstood” but she fell flat on her face when she chickened out and released the hillarious ,popper than Hillary Duff pop”Stupid Girl”. Why be preachy when she was out strutting like a hoe in “Lady Marmalade”?

Christina Aguilera started off as the sure winner with those smoke and steel pipes, offering a hint of substance to the saccharine Britney and Jessica. But all she ever did, since her debut were rip-offs of Mariah, and even Britney Spears. Poor Christina neither sounded classical nor interesting in “Back To Basics” but pretentious, campy and lame. It is apparent that Christina will never be confident enough to produce great music as she will perpetually look at the pool of talent but never be invited to swim in it.

never innovated after she mysteriously asked a couple of rappers to make her the new queen of the kingdom of Skankarama. She kept releasing similar sounding singles, and overusing those trite vocal gymnastics and at the same time, looking directly at the cameras smiling like a dinasourous Barbie Doll. The virtue of having a fan base among gay men is that a career can be maintained just as long as the hair, the dress and the thighs are looking fine.

Madonna on the other hand, never stopped changing,morphing her music and image like an experienced chameleon. Thankfully for her, she could claim, “Like A Prayer” , “Ray Of Light” and “Music” as her proud contributions to the world of music, but a mere listen to her latest album indicated that the end is already near. Madonna should step down before any fine memories of her past excellence evaporate.Hung Up? Seriously yes.

as the tabloid superstar is unparalleled in its silliness but Britney Spears, the musician is actually a little more intelligent and subtle. While big voiced Aguilera muscled her way to “Beautiful”, the gentler Britney sounded truly vulnerable in “Everytime”. With “Toxic” and “Slave”, Britney proved that she still has a place in this world. She is still the only one Mouseketeer to have written a single all by herself, “Someday, I’ll Understand”, making the world wonder if she has been this dumb or just playing dumb. However, her personal life, from her infamous beaver shots to her wild partying, has completely over-shadowed her work, and it would take a ton of convincing for her disgusted fans to give her success one more time.

Artists will hope to be the driver of the train but many more are just lucky to have a seat in the crammed up world of music.

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