What Has Become Of Britney Spears?

I am speaking for myself, and maybe for some other fans out there who would agree with me on this. First of all I like and all, I like her music because I think it’s pretty good though some others might disagree and say otherwise. But what I can’t really stand is her behavior these past couple of months. I know this is non of my business but as a fan, and one who’s “trying” to look up to her don’t I or other fans out there have the right to speak out their opinions about their supposedly “idol”.

Ok let’s start with her drug acts. I know that she’s of aged, but heck what happened to her? She’s totally gone out of control with the whole thing. I can understand slight partying, but no she’s gone really wild about the whole thing.

Pictures, I just couldn’t believe it when I saw the pictures with her and Kevin on the balcony, for God sakes what was she trying to prove?

Then there’s this whole thing with the whole engagement, I mean to some of her fans the drugs and alcohol and pictures we’re still ok, but this whole thing has blown way out of proportion. How can she marry a guy that she’s met at least less than 6 months more or less? Shouldn’t the guy be a total stranger still? I mean they met each other in a night club, to others it might seem that that’s alright, but to others that is just weird, God knows if they ended up in bed after being in the club. This whole thing with this Kevin Federline guy, to me and to some other people is just wrong.

Let’s be reasonable here ok, the guy dumped his girlfriend of two years ( I think), he got her pregnant, and now they already have two kids, what makes Britney think that he’s not going to be doing the same thing to her. Has that ever occurred to her? I guess not seeming her behavior. She told the magazine that her previous boy friends were just puppy love, then if it was the why did she lose her virginity to him (Justin Timberlake)? I just wondered about that.

I’m not trying to be a person that’s trying to get in her business, but after having her tell the whole world about her engagement with the guy, it’s as if she already told us, “there you go, here’s my love life, it is now your business.” So if she really wants to keep everything private making us think that it’s her life not ours so we shouldn’t care, then she should have thought of that before she took over such actions. I know that she didn’t really necessarily say that but I have read of some post saying otherwise.

Again I am a fan of hers, I’m not doing this to hate on her, this is my opinion about the whole thing, because I noticed that the old Britney that most of her fans have grown to love is gone, after having heard of such actions of hers, I don’t know why she has even said that music is her passion, the Britney that some of us fans loved would have proven to us that was true. So this is really the question, what has become of her?

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