What I Think About The MTV Video Music Awards

I like the VMA’s because it’s mindless and senseless entertainment. Many of you people are wondering if they are “credible”, well, who cares? After all, don’t most people watch it to see whose going to top the next controversial thing and to see whose the worse or best dressed? That seems to be the main reason. The Moon Man is nothing special; after all, it’s an award show for music videos for cheese sake, how deep do you have to look into a 2 minute music video anyway? It’s just a music video, meaning a video to advertise the song, majority of the time it’s just plain technology doing all the work anyway, along with flashy skin and color for our eyes to see.

Barely any music video is original or even worth giving awards too. Like and Christina Aguilera’s, sure their videos are great, but them being popular doesn’t mean they are “deep” or “unique” (I think Everytime and Beautiful are an exception, those videos were pretty good and had some depth to it, especially Christina’s).

I think some of you are being way too frenzied about this. I mean c’mon, I see people having a showdown against each other and debating over whose more popular, Britney or Christina, and others debating on who has the better dance video, J.Lo’s Waiting for Tonight or Britney’s Drive Me Crazy, and debating over whose more mature and classy, Beyonce or Britney. That says a lot right there that some of you people are getting all in a frenzy over MTV.

I mean c’mon, it’s MTV, how much credible can it get over just giving away Moon Men for 2-5 min music videos that are nothing but advertisements for their single, having more technology and sex appeal than in depth messages and clever, original plots. Why can’t we all just enjoy the show and stop acting as if it’s the end of the world if Usher wins all his awards or if Britney didn’t win a single award?

The VMA’s are such a forgettable show anyway when it comes to the awards that are given; they’re mainly memorable because of the performances anyway, aren’t they?

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