What Is A Real Fan?

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Recently I read an essay on here that was related to the topic about star Nick Carter beating up Paris Hilton, and the person said that if you defend Paris over Nick, then you aren’t a real fan? I was appalled to read such a thing.

First of all, who are you to say that somebody isn’t a real fan just because I don’t defend our idol? I am not defending him or against him for that matter, in a realistic and fair point of view, I have no right to say that Nick “never hits a woman” or that Nick “will never do such a thing” unless I was actually there. And enough with this, “oh I met him 6 years ago and he seems like a nice guy, and my friends have met him and they KNOW him.” That is such a naive way of thinking.

First of all, any type of abuse put on a woman or a child is a private matter, not a public one. Nobody admits that they beat or hit women, children, or animals publicly, and you can’t tell what somebody is capable of doing just by knowing them based on what you hear of them or what you know about them from just meeting them once or twice in your life. And you can’t tell who’s capable of beating up somebody just by looking at them across the street or meeting them and having a casual chat. Like I said before, abuse is a private matter, and no matter how many times you hang with the person or meet them, you can’t assume or ever know what they are capable of doing or not doing unless you are there with them 24/7. And I’m sure that most of you fans have barely spend a year with the guy, so who are you to act as if you know him personally just because he looks like a sweetheart, or because u have met him? It’s just a fact that any human is capable of doing bad, even if they have never done anything bad in the past. Being a person that most people know as being kind says nothing about somebody’s character or their capabilities.

You should be a fan of the music at the end. I don’t need to defend Nick on a subject matter that’s 1) not my business, and 2) something that I have no right to defend for or against, just because I am a fan. When it comes to subject matters like this, some of you need to get out of this “oh I’m a fan I’m going to stick by him, he would never hit a woman, I KNOW he wouldn’t” crap and look at reality here: You don’t know what his capabilities are when it comes to his private life and what he does behind closed doors. That goes with him or any man or woman. The most kindest and innocent looking people in the world can and many times are the ones that abuse and rape women, children, etc. That’s reality for you, not fan fiction.

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