What Is So Special About Jennifer Lopez?

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I am so tired of hearing every day on the news and on the computer about the new people is dating or engaged to. What also frustrates me is that she seems to move from man to man with no break in between. I don’t understand what is wrong with the men she is seeing. Don’t they KNOW by now that it just won’t last? If I hear that J.Lo and are getting engaged I think I will hurl. She doesn’t know what love is if she keeps throwing it out there to the public that she loves EVERYBODY. By no means am I a fan of Marc Anthony or even Ben Affleck for that matter, but I am just tired of hearing about the Hollywood loose girl, Jennifer Lopez. I don’t see what is so special about her and why all these guys want her. I would think after a while that guys would want to steer clear so that they won’t have to pop for a million dollar ring only for it to last on her finger no longer then a year. I am sorry if this offended anyone, but I just had to say it, because I am tired of all of it. Am I the only one who sees this or feels this way?

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4 thoughts on “What Is So Special About Jennifer Lopez?

  1. trluk says:

    Its cos she’s very good looking. To be honest though I would def put Beyonce, Britney, Christina before J-lo cos the latter seems too high profile for my liking. Also I do not really know why J-lo has a big career – Most her movies are crap (expect Enough was cool) and most her songs are over-produced crap (although she had a few good remixes). She better do something interesting with the new album or people wont buy her back.

  2. jboogie06 says:

    When the press likes or dislike a celebrity, they always talk or write about them. At times, they even obsess. This is the case with Jlo and Britney Spears. However, I hear people often say that they do not care about who these celebrities date or “why are they so hyped”, or “she’s not even all that”, or “she is over-rated, etc.; yet, these celebrities when on the cover of any magazine, sell like hot cakes. So, I think it’s a guilty pleasure for most people because it allows us to enter a fantasy world and forget about our own for a few minutes. There are certain celebs that get people excited or people to talk and every where they go, they are followed, and at times, the press even creates a story about them when there is no story to tell. This happens with Jlo. If she is seen with any man, she is automatically dating him. Not that I am defending her, she does have some sort of emotional emptiness that she is trying to fill, but we, the fans and even non fans are part to blame for all the madness. We buy the mags, we tune in to the news when there’s gossip, we like it. For instance, yeah Jlo and Britney can’t sing, but Jlo is the 1st woman to have a number one album and a number movie out at the same time. All of Jlo’s albums have gone platinum. All of Britney’s album have gone platinum. These ladies are a BIG DEAL to the millions of people that buy their albums. For some of us Jlo is hot, for others Britney is hot, others like Nicole Kidman, others like Halle Berry, etc, the bottom line is that just because you don’t like or see what the big deal about a certain celeb is, it doesn’t mean that that celeb isn’t a big deal for others.

  3. jazzprofounder says:

    I see and feel the same way you’re feeling. The only movie where I thought J.Lo showed great acting was in Selena, and since then most of her movies are just based on the same theme, and her characters and how she accentuates them in her latest movies are just plain boring and predictable. As for her music, she has a few catchy tunes, but nothing special. I believe its mainly the hype she gets from her relationships, looks, and charm that makes the media make a big deal about her career.

  4. glittakitten says:

    I agree, there’s nothing special about her she’s pretty but not totally drop-dead gorgeous and she’s got a whiny (singing) voice. She’s quite annoying actually, I don’t even see why she’s considered high profile – she hasn’t achieved anything that special!

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