What Is The Difference?

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Ok, you can bash me for all I care but this is really bothering me lately, and I have to get this out of my system. Here it goes; first off this Britney Spears vs. thing needs to stop. Second off people around the music business are different. I mean what is the difference people? It doesn’t matter who sells more records and it doesn’t matter what Christina and Britney do. That is their business not our business. Christina is trying her best to clean up her act. This girl is making changes in her life. Britney got married to Kevin Federline, that is good for her. Britney does her best and tries to make changes in her life, but what is the difference between these girls. I see that Britney fans like to say crap about Christina Aguilera. Yeah, I see the Christina fans say crap about Britney Spears. What I want to know is what do you people have against these girls?

Ok, I know Britney is good singer, and she dresses nicely (sometimes she does). Yeah, I know Christina wants other people to vote in this year’s election. Christina sings good and does her best to clean her act up. Thinking and reading other people essays is really a pain in the ass. You need to quit bashing Britney and Christina, it is driving me bonkers.

Britney is cool and dresses nicely.
Christina is cool and dresses nicely too.
Christina is trying to change her ways and clean up her act. Britney is happily married to her dancer Kevin. I don’t care if Britney or Christina is or are white trash, they both sing well and work hard on their CDs. So this is out of my system, do what you want to do. I am glad that I got out of this system, and I am glad that I’m done.

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