What Is Wrong With Everyone?

Contributed anonymously:

I don’t understand why everyone has to have a problem with everyone else? All popdirt has come to be is a website to trash on people we don’t even know! Can you people stop for a second and applaud celebrities for what the have accomplished?

I don’t think anyone understands the true stress they are put under. Everyone is watching them 24/7, waiting for them to mess up. Have you ever made a mistake before? I bet you have. How would you feel if it was played out in front of the whole world?

These people are human beings and have feelings, regardless of their status in society. They are working and doing their jobs as you would.

We need to stop criticizing them for being themselves and for trying to figure out their own identity. Sure, they might so some things that aren’t their ideas, but don’t you ever just do what your parents or boss tells you to do?

Instead of criticizing them for their flaws, why don’t you praise their strong suites?

This world is full of jealousy and hatred, why continue to egg it on? You may not agree with what they are doing, but you might be doing something they might not agree with.

Please, just stop being so negative. Give props where it is needed.

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One thought on “What Is Wrong With Everyone?

  1. daniel says:

    why stop there?
    why do people have problems with anyone?
    why can’t everyone stop the fuxing sh** they do
    and get along for once?

    we’re all the same with our differences why can’t we all just be friendly towards one another?

    none of it makes sense

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