What John Mayer’s Been Messing With On Guitar

John Mayer offers a guitar lesson

checked in on his YouTube channel, demonstrating what he’s been putting together on the guitar lately. “I’ve been listening to a lot more of the earlier blues players lately and I’m digging a more ‘stately’ approach to soloing,” Mayer writes.

“In terms of blues guitar playing, soloing, there’s many different places up and down the neck where you can play the same exact riff, but if you get stuck in one spot and you play the same riffs over and over again like I have, my ear’s getting really tired,” Mayer said. “You do that enough times, it starts to wear out. For me it’s sort of pinchy thing.”

Watch it below.

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One thought on “What John Mayer’s Been Messing With On Guitar

  1. Tom McCord says:

    i definitely understand what your saying. just wanna throw out there that you should really check out Joe Bonamassa. he is crazy good and has an AMAZING variety of ways to solo.

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