What Makes Madonna The International Superstar She Is?

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She came to New York City with $35 in her pocket. She checked hats and made $2.90 an hour. Now, as you can guess, Madonna’s pockets have gotten allot deeper , with an estimated fortune of over a billion dollars. Homes around the globe, extravagant art collections near priceless , she has lived a life only few know firsthand.

She is without a doubt the worlds most famous woman, she is more than just a pop star. Madonna is a icon and a legend, she has inspired other artist for over two decades. Her latest album ‘Confessions On The Dance Floor has already set new records across the globe. It has went to number one in more countries than any other album in history. The lead off single ‘Hung Up’ has topped more charts than any other single in history more than 30 countries to date. Madonna is one of the most bankable stars in history she has been paid millions to endorse products from BMW to Versace. With every endorsement sales have sky rocketed and she even managed to pull the house of Versace out of the red last year. Another pop princess recently called Madonna the most expensive billboard in the world. Here is a sample of Madonna’s paid endorsements.

Pepsi paid Madonna $5 million to film a commercial that never aired but once.
Mitsubishi paid her $11 million for an ad that aired only in Japan.
Gap paid her $10 million for a summer promotion.
BMW paid her 20 million for a mini-film commercial directed by her husband Guy Ritchie.
Versace reported paid Madonna over $10.5 million plus free clothing for two years.
Apple paid her $15 million for a brief appearance in one of their commercials.
Microsoft paid her $18 million to use her hit single ‘Ray of Light? to promote Windows XP.
Max Factor paid the ultimate It Girl, Madonna, $6 million to appear in ads for their European campaign.
ESTEE LAUDER paid her over 8 million to use her hit single ‘Love Profusion’ in a recent ad.

She charged $10 million plus to allow advertisers to sponsor her ‘Re-Invention World Tour’ in 2004. The tour went on the gross over 127 million on just 56 sold out shows.

She has an IQ of 140.

She helped bankroll Alanis Morissette and Michelle Branch’s careers.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s weeklong wedding extravaganza in Scotland included $1,000-a-night rooms–for everyone! For a week!

She spends more on private palates sessions annually than a minimum-wage worker makes all year.

Instead of shopping in stores, Madonna (and other stars) browse through special “look books” that designers send her. She has been known to spend $60,000 in a single flip-through.

She has sold over 275 million albums around the world. So far, Madonna’s sales in U.S. are over 63 million albums (Bedtime Stories and Music were recently re-certified triple platinum then Confessions on a Dance Floor was certified platinum) and 75 million singles. Madonna has sold over 17.7 million albums and 14.6 million singles in the U.K., more than any other female artist.

Madonna’s The Immaculate Collection is the highest selling, greatest hits album by a female artist in the world and in the U.S., with more than 10 million U.S. sales and 23 million worldwide sales.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records 2005, Madonna is the Most Successful Female Recording Artist of All Time.
Her new CD Confessions on the Dance Floor has an unprecedented worldwide success by topping over 40 countries the most since her True Blue album in 1986 which hit number one in 28 countries and surpassed the Beatles record of 34 countries with “Ones compilation”.

In November 10, 1999, the Recording Industry Association of America released its “Artist of the Century” list naming Madonna as the Top-Selling Female Rock Artist of the Century.

Billboard lists Madonna as the most successful female vocalist of the entire rock era.

Madonna certification achievements (RIAA certification): Singles: twenty-four Gold, three Platinum and one Multi-Platinum; Albums: sixteen Gold, sixteen Platinum, twelve Multi-Platinum and two Diamond. She holds the record for the most gold singles among female artists.

Madonna is the only recording artist to have a top-ten hit on the Billboard Hot 100 with at least one single from every album (Madonna to Confessions on a Dance Floor) that has had a single released.

Madonna has achieved the unique feat of having had at least one single peak at every position in the top ten of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

According to Billboard Magazine, Madonna is the Top Female Act of the 1980s.

Madonna holds the record for the most consecutive top-five hits (16) among female artists (“Lucky Star” to “Cherish”), and second only to Elvis Presley.

In the first six months of 1985, Madonna had six separate hit singles on the Billboard Charts (and five videos in rotation at once on MTV).
From 1985 – 2003, Madonna has received 25 Billboard awards and citations.

Madonna has the most top-five singles by a female artist on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart (27).

Madonna has the most top-ten singles on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart (36).

Madonna has the most top-twenty singles by a female artist on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart (42).

Madonna has the most top-thirty singles by a female artist on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart (44).

Madonna has the most top-forty singles by a female artist on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart (47).

Madonna’s Hung Up Single:
1) 51st Madonna single to enter the Hot 100 Singles Chart.
2) 36th Top 10 Single (A record for a female artist and ties with Elvis Presley’s 36).
3) 42nd Top 20 single (A record for a female artist).
4) 44th Top 30 single (A record for a female artist).
5) 47th Top 40 single (Again a record for a female artist coming behind only to who has 104, with 54 and The Beatles with 51).

Madonna has had thirty-four number-one singles on Billboard’s Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart, proving her dominance in U.S., more than twice the number of her nearest rival Janet Jackson

Madonna has also had twenty-five number-one singles on Billboard’s Hot Dance Single Sales chart, more than three times the number of her nearest rivals Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince, and Notorious B.I.G.

Madonna has had thirty-five number one maxi-singles in the US, more than three times the number of her nearest rivals Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince, and Notorious B.I.G.

On the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart, Madonna is the only artist in history to achieve seven top-ten hits from one album(American Life). Madonna is also the only artist ever to achieve seven consecutive number-one hits on this chart twice.

In 2004, Madonna became one of the five founding members of the U.K. Music Hall of Fame, joining Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Bob Marley, and U2 as automatic inductees.

In 2001, Madonna was named Top Female UK Singles Artist of All Time in the Guinness Book of Hit Singles edition of the Most Successful Artists in the 50-year history of the British charts.

Madonna holds every major sales and chart record for a female artist in the U.K. In all-time singles sales she lies comfortably fourth behind ‘ Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard and The Beatles ‘ and she is also fourth in combined singles and albums sales behind those three artists, pulling away from the Rolling Stones.

Madonna has had eleven number-one singles on the U.K. singles chart, more than any other female artist.

Madonna has had twelve number-two singles on the U.K. singles chart, more than any other artist ever.

Madonna has had forty-six top-five singles on the U.K. singles chart, more than any other artist ever.

Madonna has had fifty-six top-ten singles on the U.K. singles chart, more than any other female artist.

Madonna has had sixty-one top-twenty singles on the U.K. singles chart, more than any other female artist.

Madonna has had sixty-one top-forty singles on the U.K. singles chart, more than any other female artist.

Madonna has spent a total of twenty-two weeks at number one on the U.K. singles chart, more than any other female artist.
From “Like a Virgin” in 1984 to “Secret” in 1994, Madonna had a record thirty-four consecutive top-ten hits on the U.K. singles chart.
With “Hung Up”, Madonna scored a record fifty-ninth consecutive top-twenty single (not counting “Me Against the Music”). It is a record that will be more difficult to beat than Elvis Presley’s twenty-one number-one singles according to Chart Plus Company.

All of Madonna’s singles released in the U.K. have reached the top twenty and all but five of them have reached the top ten.

Madonna is the only female artist ever to occupy the top two positions on the UK Singles Charts when “Into the Groove” and “Holiday” hit number one and number two, respectively in 1985.
In 1985 alone, Madonna scored eight top-ten singles in the UK Charts.

Madonna has had nine number-one albums on the U.K. albums chart, more than any other female artist.

Madonna has had four number-two albums on the U.K. albums chart, more than any other female artist.

Madonna has had sixteen top-five albums on the U.K. albums chart, more than any other female artist.

Madonna has had seventeen top-ten albums on the U.K. albums chart, more than any other female artist.

From the Evita Soundtrack in 1996 to Music in 2000, Madonna had three consecutive number-one albums on the U.K. albums chart, a record for a female artist.

Every album, Madonna has released, has reached the top ten in the U.K.; her self-titled first album is the only one to miss the top five. (Her 2003 EP, Remixed and Revisited, was not allowed to appear on the UK album chart as it was too short to qualify as an album.)

In the U.K., Madonna and Kylie Minogue are the only artists ever to have a number-one album and a number-one single in three different decades.

Madonna is the most successful female singles artist in Canada, having amassed twenty number-one singles on the Canadian Singles Chart. Her last number-one single in Canada was “Hung Up”.[1] “Confessions on a Dance Floor” was her seventh number-one album in that country.

Music and “American Pie” were declared the number-one and number- two Top Singles of 2000 – the first time in Canadian chart history that an artist held the top two positions on the year-end musical charts.

Madonna has notched 19 number-one singles in Japan’s International Charts.

Madonna has achieved ten number-one singles (the most for a female artist)and eight number-one albums in Australia. She has sold around four million records according to Herald Sun.

Madonna is the most successful artist ever on the Swiss charts since it began in 1965, appearing on the list every year but 1988 and 2004, and spending 497 weeks on the singles charts. With “Hung Up” she overtook for the act with the most number-one hits in Switzerland. “Confessions on a Dance Floor” was her seventh album to go number-one there.

She has three number-one singles and six number-one albums in France

She has seventeen number-one singles and eight number-one albums in Italy

She has notched three number-one singles and nine number-one albums in Germany

She has scored two number-one singles and seven number-one albums in Austria

Maverick Records is the most successful “vanity label” in music history. While under Madonna’s control, it generated well over $1.2 billion in sales, more than any other independent record label. In 2004 Warner Music Group has agreed to buy Madonna out of Maverick Records for an estimated $350 million to end a legal battle.

Madonna is the Most Successful Act in the history of MTV’s Video Music Awards with an all time record 67 VMA nominations and 19 VMA wins.

Madonna has had more music videos played more often on MTV U.S. than any other artist.

Justify My Love was the first-ever video single in history and has been certified 8x platinum for sales of over 400,000 units.

Madonna was voted by MTV U.S. viewers as the Greatest Music Video Icon ever on the network’s Twenty-Five Greatest Video Stars.

Madonna was named by MTV Asia as the Artist of the Millennium in 2000.

For its 20th Anniversary, MTV ran a 100 Best Videos Poll: “Ray Of Light” came at #4, “Frozen” was #50, “Justify My Love” at #76 and “Like A Prayer” at #88.
Vh1 listed “Like A Prayer” #2, “Justify My Love” #7, “Ray Of Light” #40, “Material Girl” #54, “Like A Virgin” #61 and “Borderline” #84 in its 100 Greatest Videos Of All Time

In 2000, MTV ranked “Like A Virgin” at #8 and “Vogue” at #18 in the Top 25 Most Played Music Videos of All Time

Truth or Dare (In Bed with Madonna) earned critical raves and took in over $ 10,000,000 at the US box office, and $ 15,000,000 in overseas box office, making it the most commercially-successful documentary ever made in the 20th century.

Madonna’s Evita was the highest grossing musical film of the 1990s (it also made more money than any musical film in the 1980s). It made $50,047,179 at the domestic box office and $91,000,000 overseas for an impressive worldwide box office total of $141,047,179.
Total earnings of all Madonna movies: $781,246,609

Sex, a 128-page coffee table book priced at $49.95 hit # 1 on the non-fiction bestseller lists of both the New York Times and Washington Post and sold a record 1,500,000 copies around the world in just one week.

In 2003 Madonna released her first of five children’s storybooks, The English Roses. It holds the world record as the fastest-selling children’s picture book in history. Since then Madonna has released another four children’s books, all of which have gone on to major success.

The English Roses was #1 on the New York Times bestseller list and was simultaneously released in over one hundred countries.

In November 6, 1993, her show in Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil became her most successful show in terms of audience attendance as she performed to an estimated crowd of 120,000 people.

All of Madonna’s concert tours have sold out globally, making her one of the most successful live acts to ever have performed. In 2004 her Re-Invention World Tour was the most successful tour of the year, selling out globally despite ticket prices upwards of $300 US.

The August 5, 1990 telecast of the “Blonde Ambition Tour” on HBO received a 21.5 percent rating and a 31 percent share of the viewing audience, beating out all network competition and becoming the highest rated non-sports event ever to broadcast on the said network.

The December 3, 1990 appearance of Madonna on ABC’s Nightline regarding the banning of the “Justify My Love” video became the highest-rated episode of the late-night news program that year, outranking the August 24 telecast about the Iraqi troops who had surrounded the US Embassy (that precipitated the 1991 Gulf War). Saturday Night Live’s 90-second broadcast of the “Justify My Love” video became the highest-rated episode of the show that season. CNN’s Showbiz Today’s highly-publicized 112-second video clip garnered the greatest number of viewers the show had the week it was aired.

Vh1 and Entertainment Weekly ranked Madonna’s show-stopping “Like A Virgin” performance on the 1984 MTV Video Awards as the eighth Top Music Moment in US Television History

The MSN Web cast of Madonna’s first concert in Britain in 2000 set a new world record as some 11 million people tuned in over the Internet to see the thirty-minute show.

In 2002, Life Magazine ranked Madonna as the sixth Top Rock and Roller of All Time, the only female artist who made the top-ten.

Rolling Stone’s 2001 list of the Top 100 Albums Of All Time includes Ray Of Light at #29, Music at #52, Like A Prayer at #62 and The Immaculate Collection at #99: Madonna has more albums on the list than any other female solo artist.

Readers of Q Magazine, in 2001, voted Madonna as the second Greatest Female Pop and Rock Artist of All Time.

Madonna was crowned by Vh1 as the Sexiest Artist Of Rock & Roll on its list of 100 Sexiest Artists.

Vh1’s100 Greatest Dance Songs includes “Vogue at #4 and “Into the Groove” at # 40.

A poll of 31,000 people conducted by British Hit Single and published by the Guinness Book of Records ranked “Like A Prayer” as the fifth Favorite Single of All Time in Britain.

A survey conducted by the British Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio 2 in 2000 among its listeners and a panel of song artists and music industry figures named Madonna among the 100 Best Voices of the Century. She ranked # 59.

A 1999 survey conducted by Britain’s HMV music store, Channel 4 television and Classic FM radio chain among 600,000 music fans named Madonna Best Female Artist of the Millennium.

Madonna is # 5 on Entertainment Weekly’s of Top Entertainers of the Half Century (1950 – 2000)

Madonna is # 9 on Entertainment Weekly’s 200 Greatest Pop Culture Icons

In 1999, Rolling Stone Magazine declared “Blond Ambition Tour” as the Greatest Concert of the 1990s.

Rolling Stone named “Ray of Light” as among the Essential Recordings of the ’90s

People Magazine included Madonna in its 1999 list of 25 Legends of the Past 25 Years

Madonna is featured in the 100 Most Important Women of the 21st Century book of Ladies Home Journal published in 1998.

In 1989, Madonna was declared by People Magazine as one of the 20 Who Defined the Decade

Time Magazine named Madonna among the Faces of the Decade in 1989.

Madonna was crowned by Musician Magazine as the “Artist of the Decade” in 1989.
Billboard Magazine’s Music of the ’80s Poll honored Madonna as Pop Artist of the Decade, Dance Artist of the Decade, and Dance Single of the Decade (Into the Groove)

Up and coming projects:
Madonna’s next single from her new album Confessions on a Dance Floor will be called “Sorry”. Madonna will begin shooting the video for the new single in January. Her longtime choreographer, Jamie King, is going to direct this new video.
Madonna is lending her voice to the big budget (approximately eighty million dollars) 2006 animated film Arthur and the Minimoys. Madonna provides the voice of Princess Selenia. The film by Luc Besson is expected to be released in December 2006.
Madonna is planning a world tour for 2006. Madonna about the tour: “I’m currently exploring the possibility. If I go on tour, it would be next summer. And it would be all out disco, with lots of disco balls. I would focus on dance music and the new record. I already did the older stuff on my Re-Invention tour.”

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