What People Need To Really Know About Songwriting

Contributed Anonymously:

I just thought to tell you guys what you really need to know about songwriting, and I will make it much shorter and realistic than the last person that wrote it.

First of all, why do some of you guys assume that you have to write your own lyrics to prove that you are a real artist? There is a difference here. Being a songwriter doesn’t mean that you have to be a good artist, it means that you have to be a good WRITER. An artist can be the greatest artist of the century, but if they aren’t good at writing creatively, yet alone talented and good at writing their own lyrics, then what’s the point. Them being an artist doesn’t automatically make them great writers, the same as how it doesn’t automatically make a songwriter become a great artist, or a movie director into a great actor, or an actor/actress into a great director.

Now, I do give props to those artists that do write their own music, it does show that they are much more involved in their music and songwriting. But my point is that I think it’s unfair and ridiculous to look down at those artists that don’t write their own songs. Maybe they simply aren’t talented at expressing themselves, who knows. But at the end, if they have other talents in their vocal abilities, dancing, etc., then this whole thing about whether or not they wrote their own songs shouldn’t be such a big deal. And besides, the lyrics are just part of the music making process, if the music and the vocals aren’t great, then I doubt most of you would be giving that much credit to the other people (besides the songwriters and artists) that are part of it.

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