What Pixie Lott’s Learnt

Pixie Lott

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@pixiesongs) on Sunday (April 19), talking about the promo she’s been doing in support of her first single ‘Mama Do’. The Essex teen tells readers:

It’s crazy to be able to hear my song on the radio at the moment thank you so much to all the people playing it… First time me and my friends heard we literally went crazy hahah and the articles that I see in the paper! Thank you so much for all that..

I had my first gig last week for Radio 2 introduces with Dermot O’Leary and I absolutely loved it I can’t wait to do more.. it really reminded me that live shows and performing is the reason I do what I do I was on such a high after wooo and how nice is Dermot!? I also learnt I have to remember who might be reading these MySpace blogs cos he pulled up a couple of facts from my previous ones haha I was like HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT!? Whilst on my lil regional radio tour I got asked a lot about my twitter update of ‘I had a dream about Harry Potter last night’ haha I forget that these people read these things!

Another thing I have learnt is not to pose stupidly for camera’s when they are about because I look like a wannabe gangsta in a couple of shots that were taken outside the Maida Vale studios hahah

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