What Reason Do We Have Not To Believe Nick Carter?

Contributed by BadAss4Backstreet:

I’m sorry, but here’s yet another essay…but I’ll try to keep this quick!

When has Nick Carter, or Kevin Richardson, or Brian Littrell, or AJ McLean, or ever given us reason not to believe what they say? Can ANYONE give me a time? AJ had a drug and alcohol problem and when it got to be TOO much that not even AJ could handle it, they postpone the tour and come out and tell the fans what’s going on. They could have easily said “Nick broke his hand and has been advised by doctors not to perform” since Nick had a broken hand at the time. Or that “AJ had to deal with some family business since the passing of his grandmother” or some other excuse. But no, they got him help and they told us what was up. Nick got arrested a couple of years ago (unfairly and unjustifiably if you ask me…nothing adds up there!) Nick came out and apologized, he went to court, he did his time, he was open about it, didn’t try to just forget about and hope the public would too. When anything has gone wrong with one of the group members, they’ve always been up front with the fans about it.

Why do I feel in my heart that Nick is innocent? Because he said he didn’t do it….because Kevin defended him and stood by him….because Nick never entered a program for anger management or abuse….because the entire group stood by him….because his mother, who gets off on bad publicity these days said he didn’t do it….because all of Nick’s siblings have gone on record FOR REAL and said he didn’t do it….because Paris never filed charges nor did she talk about it….because that very weekend that the bruises appeared, they were mysteriously GONE, vanished, poof……do you need more? There is absolutely no reason to believe that Nick did that to her…NONE!! No, I don’t know him personally, but I’ve met him on more than one occasion. He is the kindest person I’ve ever met, and it wasn’t an act. The kindness was in his eyes, and you don’t fake something like that. Nick’s not a great actor….he couldn’t pull off being that nice if he wasn’t truly that wonderful.

So yes, I still stand behind him and will defend him until I get a reason NOT to. Should Nick come out and admit wrong doing, I’ll eat my own words….I’ll be the first one to admit that I was wrong. I don’t foresee that happening though. And if that was to happen, I WOULD loose a TON of faith in him, and I’m sure he and the group know this. Why can’t you just get on with your miserable lives and leave him alone? Are you really so pathetic that you can’t just let the man be because you think he’s fat, or you don’t like boy bands, or you don’t really like pop music? Or are you trying to get under MY skin because I get under yours by calling Britney fans out? WHAT IS IT?

Move on….he didn’t freakin’ do it!

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