What Sets Christina Aguilera Apart

Contributed by Brinn:

WARNING: Yes, this is an opinion article. No, I’m not forcing you to read it. I suggest that if you don’t want to hear my opinion, you read no further.

I am a Christina Aguilera fan, call me biased, but read on for my opinion on what sets Christina Aguilera apart from the rest.

1. Whether you like it or not, Christina has a voice that blows the other female singers out of the water. She has a voice that rivals and . Christina has the kind of voice that can sing a bad song and still make you enjoy listening to it. She has a voice that doesn’t even need music.

2. Christina’s latest album has more than 75%songs that are far more mature, with far more substance, than other Top 40 singers. Not only are her songs well-written and full of messages and meanings, Christina conveys so much emotion in her voice. She sings about her real feelings, in an attempt for healing for herself, and for advice for others.

3. Christina has a very diverse style of music. As displayed with her five singles and jam packed album, Christina is willing to experiment with many different types of music and succeed. Although she is seen as a ‘pop’ artist, I would say only 50% of Stripped in pop music, IF that.

4. Christina’s video clips could rival ’s versatility. Of the 5 videos released from Stripped, every one touches a different issue or moves in a completely different direction. We’ve all seen the controversial film clip, Dirrty which was, well, dirty. Then with a 180 degree turn, Christina covered herself up and stripped away the dirty dancing for the Beautiful video which contained controversial issues itself. Fighter was unlike any other video of it’s time, with a dark theme and message, while Can’t Hold Us Down was a throw back to the colorful hip hop videos of our time. And then to my favorite yet, The Voice Within. I can’t think of a more appropriate song for Christina to strip back to the bare necessities – Christina and her voice, one take. Daring in itself to release such a video that could, well, be seen as boring. Only a voice as amazing as Christina’s could carry such a film clip.

5. Christina has the ability to genuinely evolve, and to therefore, gain new audiences. I, myself, was not a fan of her first album. I wasn’t even a fan of pop music when Stripped was released. But now, I am a truly dedicated Christina fan. I think Christina Aguilera will be around for many years to come, and I expect we will see even greater things from her.

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4 thoughts on “What Sets Christina Aguilera Apart

  1. Mi says:

    Christina a unique performer. Her shows really spellbinding! She sing and dance at the same time. Hard thing to do. She the best one of all divas out there today.

  2. Alyssa says:

    Well Christina’s got the “It” factor. She has charisma and appeal, a gift not many people have. There’s something about her looks along with her talent and her money making voice that make her a household name. She’s also got the courage to take risks and has what most artists lack – diversity, plus she can make any genre of music popular through her exotic charm. Here’s why I think she’s so amazing!

    1) She’s got a beautiful powerful voice and I think she’s a great entertainer/singer/performer who sings from the heart. She loves her microphone and shows she can sing and dance at the same time, and look and sound amazing at it.
    2) She has plenty to be proud of: she’s smart, pretty, poised, fashionable, successful, and she seems to have her life pretty well in order.
    3) Her body is well-proportioned (she’s got curves on her like Marilyn Monroe) I’m quite envious of.
    4) She is a fashion icon. She’s always impeccably dressed and impeccably accessorized, plus her poses are good.
    5) She is an international icon who’s been compared to singers before her: Whitney Houston, Madonna, Janet Jackson and Mariah Carey. Three reasons: For her distinctive voice, alluringly sexy style, and for her vibrant stage presence.
    6) She’s an achiever and she seems down-to-earth, like someone I can kick back with.
    7) She‘s an all around entertainer: she sings Pop, Rock, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Latin, Hip Hop and Dance music. My daughter loves dancing to “Ain’t No Other Man” while I enjoy listening to “Fighter“.
    8) She has what it takes to become a great artist. Her music transcends as she grows with each album, and it shows why Christina is incomparable.
    9) She ROCKS, plain and simple.
    10) She’s special. She’s able to step out of the spotlight and step back in it. The moment she comes out with an album, people are reminded of her real greatness.

    I think someone like Christina, only comes along but once in a lifetime. She is an utterly unique woman who has natural talent and potential. No other female will ever be like her, more power to her! Christina 4-Ever <3

  3. Christina: Goddess of Pop Music says:

    Well Said fans of Christina! I think since Christina married and became a mother, she’s matured and gotten even better. To me Christina is an incredible artist musically, stage performance & personal style. She’s a great vocalist, an INCREDIBLY TALENTED ARTIST that continues to make us love her 1000x even more…nothing makes me happy like listening to her songs.

    Can’t wait for the new album, new tour and debut movie from the best Queen of Pop Christina! x

  4. ToAsk2007 says:

    Christina Aguilera is a sex symbol, a trendsetter, an icon… When she first broke out into the music scene she was already sexy. Flash forward 12 years later, she’s grown up in the public eye and so has her style and her music. The more she’s grown up, the sexier she’s become. Keep your eye on this bright beauty – she’s right next to Marilyn Monroe. Her sex appeal is unbelievable…lush figure is just so…luminous and perfect! I wonder if Jordan Bratman realizes he was once married to one of the top female sex symbols in Hollywood?

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