What That Janet Jackson Dressing Room Thief Took

Salon.com reports New York City 19-year-old Mario Backman that was arrested for attempting to steal items from Janet Jackson’s show at Nassau Coliseum was caught with Jackson’s “Hello Kitty” and Valentine’s Day Minnie Mouse plush toys, an FDNY hat and some fan mail. Jackson’s manager, Jamie Mendoza, made the citizen’s arrest before calling police.

Janet Jackson Was First Choice For Super Bowl Halftime

February 10, 2002 – Entertainment Weekly reports that U2 played the Super Bowl halftime show for free, even though the NFL was willing to pay them but they didn’t want any money. Also performing without pay were Mariah Carey and Paul McCartney, though they did get their travel expenses paid for. Organizers had originally wanted Janet Jackson to do the halftime show but changed their mind after watching a U2 concert in New York following the events of September 11.

It’s Impossible For Janet To Give A Disappointing Performance

February 8, 2002 – Ashley Tate of the Villanovan was at the Janet Jackson concert last Saturday night in Atlantic City and praised the singer’s performance. Tate said, “With 19 years of hits behind her, it is impossible for Jackson to give a disappointing performance. Her latest concert tour reestablishes her as the preeminent diva of the pop world who has remarkable singing talent, as well as the ability to put together high-intensity choreography with creative sets and sexy costumes.”

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