What’s In A Name?

Contributed by cosmo:

This will be my first(and last) “essay”, cuz to tell ya the truth, I too, can’t stand them. If you don’t like it, don’t read it, fine by me. Anyways, I’ve been noticing the names that you give these stars just cuz you hate them/their fans. Like…”Slutina”, “Flopney/Slutney”, and “Justin Timberflake”. PLEASE sound more like a 10 year old.

Ok first one: Britney Spears. Sure her sales are slipping, but all 4 of her albums have sold millions, and let me tell you, that’s not a “flop”. I’m the farthest thing away from a fan but I DO admit that her albums have all been #1 and I like her songs Crazy, Stronger, and Toxic. So…why “FLOPney”?? Last I checked “Flop” did not mean “Brit-” in Latin. Same thing with this Slutney stuff. Sure it’s kinda weird that she ALMOST strips for her brother and her boyfriend is engaged to someone else and has a kid, but that doesn’t necessarily make her a slut.

Next: Christina Aguilera. I’m a huge fan and all, and I know that her image isn’t the best, but I don’t judge her by what she looks like/wears. She doesn’t dress anything like that offstage. She even said she likes flaunting her sexuality ONstage. That’s completely different than real life. She’s had a steady boyfriend for the past what? Year and a half? I’m sure if she had slept around, he would have dumped her by now. Why the hell are you people calling her “Slutina”?

This is NOT telling you people to stop fighting cuz I know it wouldn’t work but I’m just asking what’s the point in judging by looks and giving these stars nicknames?? Bash them all you want but at LEAST use their real names so you DON’T sound like a whiny 5-10 year old please. :)

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