What’s Keeping Tyler Hilton Positive And Happy

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@tylerhilton) on Friday (April 10), offering a list of things that are keeping him positive and happy. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Tyler, they tell me, you got to find those little things that keep you positive and happy. Know what they are that way when you need a pick up you know where to go. They are absolutely right! Here’s my list of things that are keeping me positive, optimistic, and “that annoying guy who’s smiling” to all the the kids who attended the Clem Snide concert with me at Spaceland in Silver Lake the other night…

1. Running into my neighbor Nicholas anywhere in my building. He just seems to know it all and glows with wonder and optimism. He’s the kind of guy that just saying hi to will perk up your next few hours. Sometimes I’ll see him in the hall or outside of my balcony and run to my apartment and scream to my roommate, “Nicholas is outside/ in the hall! Hurry!” It’s a bragging right… “Hey, just saw Nicholas in the garage. He gave me hug and said my name.” Ah, Nick, you’re only 2 years old, but how you can brighten a lobby!

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