What’s Next After Lindsay Lohan Cocaine Pictures Emerge?

In wake of ill-timed evidence was allegedly using cocaine in the bathroom at Teddy’s at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, several questions face the 20-year-old:

Will Lindsay pull out of several television appearances this week to promote Friday’s release of ‘Georgia Rule’?

If Lindsay does appear on TV this week, will David Letterman or Conan O’Brien bring up the elephant in the room during the interviews?

Will Morgan Creek CEO James Robinson sue the actress for putting the release of ‘Georgia Rule’ in turmoil?

Will Lindsay’s ‘Georgia Rule’ co-stars now throw her under the bus after previously spinning her bad on-set behavior?

Will ‘Georgia Rule’ moviegoers laugh and cringe at the moments in the film where Lindsay’s on-screen hell raising teen character mirror her real-life personal troubles?

Will danger prone Lindsay fake an injury or invent an asthma related episode in order to duck publicity in the coming days for ‘Georgia Rule’?

Will Lindsay’s publicity seeking father Michael re-emerge on television begging his daughter to get serious help for her addictions?

Will Lindsay’s publicity seeking mother Dina spin the situation calling it a “temporary relapse” and lash out at News of the World and the friend who betrayed her daughter?

With only grainy images, will the mainstream media ignore the story until the video might emerge?

Will Teddy’s and other clubs refuse to let Lindsay in believing she’s radioactive and a police target?

Will Lindsay become a LAPD target to remove the perception that stars are above the law?

Will Lindsay lose any of her fashion label endorsements?

Will Lindsay be required to submit to drug testing to land any major movie role, or will the major movie roles dry up?

Will Lindsay target the female friend who sold her story and the secretly recorded footage to a British tabloid?

Will Lindsay’s extravagant Las Vegas 21st birthday party plans be curtailed?

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