What’s The Big Deal? (Justin Timberlake & Janet Jackson)

Contributed by DiVa4LiFe:

We all know it wasn’t an accident because Janet Jackson admitted it, but I don’t think Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC knew that was going to happen he looked shocked and visibly shaken, but I don’t see what was the big deal with the Justin and Janet’s halftime show, I think CBS is making a big deal out of nothing, I don’t see why Janet’s behavior seemed shocking to many. She exudes sexuality, with her multiple piercing and her steamy lyrics, and her portraying a dominatrix in many of her live shows. They didn’t seem to mind her half dressed/cross dressing dancers. And it’s not like her nipple was totally exposed it was covered by a metal shield. Nobody seemed to complain about Lil’ Kim’s pastie during the 1999 MTV VMA’s, or the time Rose McGowan walked down MTV’s red carpet with then boyfriend Marilyn Manson wearing a dress made of chains and nothing else exposing everybody part not to mention how many times we’ve seen Marilyn Manson’s butt exposed during performance, what about that old Cher video, she barely had straps covering her body. CBS is kind of hypocritical considering every year they air the Victoria Secret Fashion show in the same time slots, filled with pasties and G-strings. Not to mention all the nudity on ‘NYPD Blue’.

How about we talk about how incredible they were onstage together, they were totally in sync, and they had great chemistry. I think CBS should be satisfied with the ratings, people tuned in for the half time show alone, with rumors circulating that the two of them would hit the stage. It’s 2004 I say just relax, I bet this is not the worst of it to come, artist are going to continue to cross boundaries, and take things a step further than the last. I think it’s unfair about CBS considering banning both Janet and Justin from the Grammy’s, I don’t think that’s a fair punishment.

What Should CBS Do On Grammy Night?

February 4, 2004 – Toure, contributing editor of Rolling Stone magazine was on CNN’s ‘American Morning’ on Wednesday to discuss *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake exposing Janet Jackson’s breast at the Super Bowl on Sunday, and what he felt CBS should do when both appear at the Grammy Awards on Sunday. Is there a risk to their own reputation if they continue as planned for Sunday evening and leave the pair on the bill? “Well, I think the risk to the reputation would be even more if they banned them or disinvited them, because then that looks tacky,” Toure responded. “It looks like they’re punishing them. Then other stars might start to get involved, hey, wait a minute, like that’s not such a big deal. And then you start to talk about like perhaps nudity in America is, you know, we’re being prudish about it. Besides, they know that everybody wants to see Janet and Justin right now. It’s a ratings boost. So they’d be kind of cutting off their nose to spite their face.” Read more.

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9 thoughts on “What’s The Big Deal? (Justin Timberlake & Janet Jackson)

  1. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    I agree everyone’s making to big of a deal. And Justin wasn’t shocked. The only thing he’s shocked about is it’s hurting his career. He’s an egotistic jerk.

  2. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    National Television…..BASIC TV CHANNEL…..NOT MTV, NOT HBO!! This was done on a station that doesn’t allow nudity or really bad language to be done. EVERYTHING is censored. If it would have been on HBO or even MTV, I wouldn’t be so offended. What pisses me off is that it was on CBS….. If the media would just back off, everyone would just forget about it, but the media talking about it STILL is making it worse. The big deal was the when and where it happened….it was inappropriate, and something needs to be done!

  3. britoni says:

    Did we really need an essay? Everyone knows it was a stunt. It was shocking because it wasn’t MTV it was CBS and no one really wanted to see her tits or should I say tit in the middle of a football game. Don’t be naive enough to believe it wasn’t a stunt that went a wry. They didn’t get the reaction they wanted. Now they are trying to cover their asses because they are humiliated at all the negative press.

  4. Brentwood_Babe says:

    Off all the other events you’ve mentioned where there would be nudity, they are all in their proper time and place, away from children seeing them. Also, you know that if you go to a Marilyn Manson show, you’ll see his cheeks. Do you bring a 6 or 8 year old to see Marilyn Manson? NOOOOOOO. You know you’ll see cheeks on NYPD Blue. Do you let your kid stay up after 10pm to see that show? NOOOOOOOO. There’s warnings about that kind of content aired before each show. Janet provided no warning to the kind of content she was going to subject 99 million viewers to. She didn’t clear it with anyone, because it wouldn’t have been approved and she knew it. We’re not talking about your typical steamy dance moves or lyrics here, we’re talking about having someone rip her top off, to expose her boob. She wanted publicity and if she had to go over everyone’s heads to pull it off, then so be it. There is a time and place for it. Her concerts would be a good place for it. While my family is having dinner during the Superbowl is not.

    While I’m no prude by any means, flashing your boob during the Superbowl is wrong, no matter how you slice it. Yes, in Europe, they treat nudity lightly. That’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with a female breast. The way it was exploited and where it was done was completely wrong. Janet should save that for her shows, not prime time live tv. Not to mention that Janet knew she wasn’t allowed to do something like that. She did it anyway. It was trashy, classless and disrespectful to everyone subjected to watching it. What Janet did was totally selfish, for the sake of publicity. Well, she’s got it. Too bad she’s losing fans as well.

  5. Diablo27 says:

    Everybody is making a big deal about this. It’s really not, and who cares. There are so many things that are more important in this country. We have soldiers in Iraq and some of them are being killed, we have a terrorist alert, we have people who kidnap, rape, and murder others, and we have a lot of poverty, etc. All these things are 100 times worse than what happened at the Super Bowl.

  6. Hotstar says:

    It is just America’, ‘ Well I think the entire US is making a big deal out of nothing. I haven’t lived in America for 3 years now and I forgot just how hypocritical America is. Janet’s breast is partially shown for a few seconds and it gets almost as much news as her brother being accused of molesting a kid. And nobody has explained to me what the danger of this is supposed to be. Okay maybe it was tacky but who did it hurt. I know kids were watching but bare breasts don’t turn kids into rapist or sex perverts. So many Americans watched this on Tivo time and time again, obviously not everyone was so outraged. This bible clutching hypocrisy is exactly what I can not stand about the USA.

    The rules are childish and embarrassing just like the people offended by this! Just because there it does not mean they aren’t stupid ass hell and should not be changed. 50 years ago you could not even show a married couple sleeping in the same bed on US television, but that changed. And stuff like this should change as well. Like I said it was tacky but was it shocking, not really unless you are just naive and anal. IT WAS A PARTIALLY EXPOSED BREAST ON AIR FOR A FEW SECONDS NOT A LIVE SEX SHOW.. Like I said in most other western countries this would not have cause such an uproar.

  7. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    It’s one thing for us to be at war….that stuff needs to be done from time to time to let others know they’re getting too big for their britches, and a sense. It’s quite another for one person to take it upon themselves to try and move things forward for the sake of publicity! Like I said, it was tacky, irresponsible, not to mention completely uncalled for!

  8. Diablo27 says:

    It was an accident, Justin didn’t even know it was suppose to happen…’, ‘Justin said in an interview he was shocked, appalled, and embarrassed. He feels he embarrassed his friends, and his family. He said he doesn’t need a publicity stunt like this and also he wouldn’t want to be involved with something like this. It was Janet’s idea, Justin was under the impression that Janet would be wearing something underneath what he had to tear off, and in his words there was a “wardrobe malfunction”.

  9. AliciaMoore says:

    I agree…I mean even for America (no bashing intended, its just that you censor your TV programs way more than us) this is really going overboard…she didn’t even show her nipple! And even if she did how many times have we seen guys breasts? Its the same thing with more flesh…well actually some guys have the flesh too…and if you are going to allow violence, blood and guts on network TV then a covered nipple should not be that important.

    And yet they have no problem showing some guys bare ass right after it…which is so’, ‘much more disgusting! (If it was a full breast then maybe I would get the problem, but it was an outfit…nipple covered! Just more clevage than normal)

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