What’s The Big Deal?

Ok I’ve been on and off from this website for a while now and the main reason why I stop coming a lot of the time is because of all these hateful comments to artists that I enjoy. Whenever someone writes about how THEY THINK is best the fans feel they need to retaliate and vise versa. Although I may be a total Britney fan I don’t give a sh** if you don’t like her, but I’m not bias against Christina at all. I think they are both talented in their own special uniqueness.

People just tend to compare them simply because it seems like they came out at the same time. When the whole Britney, Christina, and performance was on TV I was excited because my favorite two artists along with another fave (Madonna) were performing together. I know as soon as I post this people would put comments about me or either Britney or Christina and frankly I’m glad that now I just have to click to see the comments because all this negativity is even worse than the media at times.

Most people talk about how their favorite artist is being ridiculed by another artists fans and I’m not doing that I’m just trying to get my voice heard because I have the opportunity. All these postings of whether Britney or Christina is better are bullsh**. I know Britney isn’t the best singer out there but so what, she does so much more and I know Christina fills in her voids as well so I’m no hater of her or another other artist for that matter. Although my little essay here may be classified as one of those posting about Britney or Christina , I don’t mind at all because at least I got to defend them BOTH.

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