What’s Up With Mariah Carey Lip Synching?

Contributed by MariahBasher:

You may recall that a couple of weeks ago I presented a very condemning piece on the various methods of trickery and deceit that the fans were using in a desperate attempt to make it appear as though she was doing well when in fact she wasn’t doing so hot (her single only selling 13,000 copies is one example). Well I have continued to conduct research into the Mariah Carey fan base and it certainly appears that the desperation is reaching an all new level.

What I have discovered is both disturbing and in some respects very sad.

For a couple of years now there has been a lot of speculation about Mariah having vocal problems. While this has only been touched on mildly in the media to date, her fans and detractors alike have long been having a debate about this issue.

For the longest time her fans refused to acknowledge that Mariah would even contemplate lip synching. For them, that was the mortal sin. No way would they even allow themselves to think that Mariah would stoop to the level of people such as J-Lo, Britney, etc… for the lambs considered those people to be “performers” they were cast off as jokes and wannabes because of the lip synching while Mariah was a “singer” and an “artist”. Lately Mariah’s fans have started acknowledging that not only is Mariah lip synching but there also appears to be some sort of problem with her voice.

As you will find in the document I have attached, not only are Mariah fans now acknowledging these things as fact, some are even beginning to turn against Mariah because of these things. You will see them questioning why she is even thinking about touring, they are applauding her being awarded a Milli Vanilli award, in general they are displaying a good deal of resentment that Mariah is now doing this.

What I have documented in the attachment reflects a great deal about the level of frustration and anger that is building up in many Mariah fans over her seeming inability to make it through the rain.

Check it out , I think you will be rather shocked by what you see.

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2 thoughts on “What’s Up With Mariah Carey Lip Synching?

  1. aram says:

    I knew that Mariah Carey lip-synched ; she’s still good in a recording studio thanks to technology and on stage thanks to her backup singers;without them her performances would sound weak ,even terrible;she can’t reach high notes any more on stage,we all know that; her voice has been damaged for several years but nobody who loves wants to admit it,even in the music industry because she remains a good business

  2. MiniliFilipino says:

    She’s better than Whitney Houston who lip synced during her 2010 tour with shot voice. Dion also lip syncs, what a big deal!

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