What’s Wrong With ‘Mariahbasher’?

Contributed by Emily3219:

In all fairness I think we, being the fans, should be able to post our opinions on “Mariahbasher” since they have continued to bash Mariah on this site with useless and opinionated thoughts. After sitting here reading the comments from the cruel “Mariahbasher” I have to wonder is it out of jealousy? Why is Mariah, a beautiful and talented women, the target of this vicious and lonely person? This so-called “anti-Mariah” person has made attempts to bring Mariah down as if she will read it, and start false rumors. Not only do they TRY to bring down Mariah, but they have also been known to pick on the fans. But why? Why does this person spend so much time on Mariah and goes to extremes just to bring her down? Now tell me does this affect this basher’s life somehow. Does it matter to “Mariahbasher” if Mariah is famous and has such a great fanbase? If “Mariahbasher” is not a fan of Mariah why spend so much time trying to hurt her. Their comments can’t affect the world. Their will always be a Mariah fan and maybe “Mariahbasher” should just get over it and find a hobby with a little less hate involved.

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