When Will Vile Britney Spears Fade Out Of Popularity?

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I am hoping that someone can answer some of my questions that I have regarding Britney Spears.

First of all, why does this talentless creature get as much attention as she does? Since she came out in 1998, there’s not a day that goes by that we don’t have to hear or read some ridiculous detail about her life- anything from her latest publicity stunt to her going to a bathroom at a gas station. Is the public so sad that they find these details interesting and enjoyable or does she just have a really good publicist who convinces the media that we actually care?

Second, who is it that’s buying her records? She’s supposedly has sold millions of records, yet I know of almost nobody that likes her and she’s had only one #1 single in her whole career. Not to mention that many of her singles have flopped.

Third, I can’t understand why people would worship a girl who has based her career on flat out ripping off other artists. She copies Janet’s dancing and videos, and copies Madonna’s image and publicity stunt routine. She has done absolutely nothing original, done nothing that hasn’t been done before, and most importantly, can sing a note, yet people treat this girl like some sort of queen. Think about it- when was the last time you actually read or heard something about her music? You almost never do because her career is completely based on publicity stunts: getting married and divorced within 53 hours, breaking up a family and getting pregnant, French kissing a woman old enough to be her mother on TV, making a show out of videos recorded with a video camera, selling photos of private moments to magazines like from her wedding…the list goes on and on. The girl is flat out pathetic. She will do ANYTHING to get attention.

My biggest question is, when are people going to wake up and get tired of this? How many more years do we have to deal with this vile snake? How much longer do we have to deal with this kind of trash being thrown in our faces and what can we do to get the media to realize enough is enough already?

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10 thoughts on “When Will Vile Britney Spears Fade Out Of Popularity?

  1. RobScott says:

    Britney makes good pop / dance music that doesn’t need to be analyzed, but enjoyed at a club or with a group of friends. It’s fun and entertaining. It’s the equivelant of a summer blockbuster movie. You don’t anaylze those or expect it to be some deep, philisophical thinker. You just go watch hot people blow things up. Her music is like that. You don’t try to interpret what she says. You jsut enjoy it and dance to it.

  2. galleta says:

    in other words IQ zero music. she’s plastic, she doesn’t sing she lip-syncs. Hoe-ney’, ‘is the epitome of manufactured. Forget talent she doesn’t need it. She’s cute, she stays in the public eye with stupid but effective stunts, and her producers give her danceable tunes…..lol

  3. Starlet01 says:

    RobScott I know where you’re coming from but, I don’t completely agree with you. >’, ‘I do agree with you that most of Britney’s music isn’t deep. When she first came out, she was a child so it’s not like she had a lot of life experience to write or sing about. Yes! Most of Britney’s music is about having fun & enjoying the moment. It’s unrealistic for someone to believe that Britney’s lyrics are deep & meaningful. Mind you, there is nothing wrong with Britney’s music being mostly fluff. Everyone has their own taste, nothing is wrong with that. Diversity is what human cultures are all about. I agree some Action Pack films aren’t about anything thought provoking or political driven. But, most films are about serious issues like Homeland Security, Terrorist Threats, and so on. I know that Britney is now 24 & soon to be a mother. Everyone is expecting her to make a come back in like 4 months after giving birth but, I strongly doubt it. Even before becoming a mother her music was never deep. She never express any growth. And I don’t she will after the birth of her first child. And there is nothing wrong with that.

  4. astrange1 says:

    Until recently, Britney was releasing competent prefab popmusic. The music was done by others – even her “voice” was a creation of technology. Her main contribution was her appearance to serve as an idol for teen girls and attractive jailbait for dirty old men. When she broke on the scene, her success was so unexpected and so immense that she became an object of fascination and the prototype for all the teen girls who would follow. Until recently, her career had been expertly managed to preserve as much of her original audience as possible. Even if she does not sell as well as she did earlier in this decade, her audience is still large enough to sustain her as a platinum-selling artist. In the last year or so she has taken charge of her career and fired her manager. What has followed is a lot of foolish choices. How this will play out in the future is anybody’s guess. It certainly has to have some detrimental effect on her career. The veneer has been lifted and we now see the raw Britney. The fascination of the press now is not that of a big star but everyone staring at a train wreck. Itis the same reason they are fascinated with Courtney Love. The real danger for Britney’s career now is that she has the appearance of being done and may not get the airplay she once did. Her fans will be able to send the album to platinum as Mariah’s fans did to Glitter, but without a hit single it will fade quickly. And unlike Mariah or Christina, she does not have the vocal ability to sing her way out of a slump. Once she’s done, it’s probably for good. This is likely one of the reasons you see rumors of her trying to get a spot in Vegas.

  5. estephania says:

    I have often wondered this myself. I was living in Germany when she first came out and she was everywhere, endorsing everything. They absolutely loved her there and I could never figure out why. She has a weak voice, she’s clearly stupid, and a weak dancer as well. I have come to realize that her popularity is based on two things: her sex appeal and the worlds fascination at how a little southern girl could become the biggest teenage star in history. Now that her sex appeal is basically gone, the fascination with her downward spiral has taken over. Now we want to see what she does next just so we can shake our heads, laugh and realize that not everything is as it seems to be!

  6. fpasko says:

    Britney has sold millions of albums worldwide. I think it’s something between 50-60 million. Alot of her singles have flopped in terms of airplay but she still managed to sell millions of records. Granted “Britney” and “In the Zone” are her worst selling studio albums to date, but your not always gonna sell 10 million copies of each album you release. It’s totally unrealistic to even think that. Besides, selling between 2-4 million copies per album is the average for most singers/musicians today anyway. And the reason why Britney gets so much attention in the tabloids, isn’t because she purposely asks for it. It’s because she is a celebrity and a paparazzi photo of Britney can be sold to a tabloid anywhere from $5,000-$100,000 depending on what type of photo it is. It can even sell for more than that. That’s how the paparazzi make their living. Do you think Princess Diana asked to be photographed all the time? No. And sadly it took her life. So just get over it. If you hate Britney, fine. But as long as the tabloids keep buying Britney’s photos, the paparazzi will continue to take them.

  7. Vanity87 says:

    I so totally agree with this whole essay. You took every thought I had about this girl out of my head. Musically, she is absolutely nothing special, She really does copy Janet alot even when it comes to the long wavy hair extensions & Madonna, jeez! I’ve been a Janet & Madonna fan my whole life & it seems like everything Britney does, these two women have already done way before, so I don’t understand what makes her so special. If Britney had artistic talent, I wouldn’t have a problem with her but she just doesn’t. The girl cannot sing at all, she has to be the worst female vocalist I’ve ever heard in my life. Other people pretty much write & produce everything for her. I also don’t know who’s buying her records because I don’t know of anybody who still likes this girl. “She can’t sing” is what I usually hear from people when asked about her. Her popularity now a days has to do with her press coverage, which is mostly negative.

  8. mmh858 says:

    Haha!’, ‘I thinks it’s funny that this person comments on why people even talk about her so much and what’s the big deal about her. Really if you feel this way, why write an essay about her then? That is just adding to her being talked about daily! Kinda of a pointless essay if you ask me. Also, I don’t really see why people care so much if other people like her, if you don’t then just don’t pay any attention to her simple as that! There are plenty of artist and bands I don’t like, just turn the TV or radio off or don’t pay attention to the articles about them in magazines.

  9. Seattle436 says:

    Her music (if you can really call it hers and not the industries meal ticket)has not evolved. It hasn’t evolved past the teeny dance pop state since her introduction in 1998.

    I don’t believe the industry is truthful. With the invention of the internet, the industry lost millions. New markets are being invented to get money. Special conditions are given to yesterday’s fling
    to squeeze the dying income. The status of the United States Economy only gives merit to these statements and the goals of “Big Business”

    I think that the American people would like to see Britney get her life back on track, and this is the fascination that fuels her popularity.

    I see teenagers everyday and Britney isn’t on their iPods or CD players like the early 2000. Britney Spears will always have her fanbase, but unless she changes her style to lock in new fans and retain old ones, she’s a goner and will be placed on the “Oh, remember that one time when I was at bandcamp in 7th grade” memorial CD that you and your old best friend from high school pull out one night while drinking.

    Madonna always had intelligence, a play on politics or religion. She has sex appeal and makes a lot of her own music. Britney on the other hand, was a great dancer and pretty face. Nothing about the latter points to confidence of brand.

  10. jeff says:

    I think she will fade eventually,like many celebrities do,whether they like it or not.Even most of the biggest stars stop selling eventually,as people move on to other things,tastes change,and teenagers growing up no longer are familiar with past stars.The reality is,that Britney, Beyonce, Pink, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera will one day remembered as icons of their era,but in 20 years from now, it’s highly unlikely they’ll be as huge as they are today. Some may even be forgotten.

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