Where Britney Spears Is Going Wrong With Her Fans

Contributed Anonymously:

Let me first start by saying I am a big fan. I have all records, extra copies of them, imports, and every single to date. I am sure there are more big fans out there in the world of Britney but she is about to lose many. What Britney fails to realize and which is becoming really obvious to me now is she does not really care for what her fans have to say and there opinions. Yeah occasionally she may do something nice to cover up her snobbishness. Though she can act stuck up all she wants because she has the money to, Britney has forgotten were he money came from and it came from every single one of us fans, even non-fans.

She really needs to get out of this wedding to Kevin Federline just because it will make her lose a great amount of fans. She needs to realize she is not in this department and will live happily ever after with someone. Well at least so soon. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if she dated Kevin till the end of the year, and then said she was getting married next year but she didn’t even waste time. For one it is not going to work out. The most obvious reason is because she asked him first; even though he turned her down she had to put the whole idea in his head. Also his children should play no part in this, if Britney believes she can care for kids go right ahead.

But in closing this whole Kevin thing is going to kill her and sales and will destroy her once again once they divorce. Sorry Britney but its not that everyone is against you but everyone is trying to protect you. You need to stop playing overprotected in your head and get with the program. Much love to you girl and sorry in advance when he breaks your sweet Southern heart.

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