Where Will Our Divas Be In The Future Revamped

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The first person who did this was very one sided to a couple of divas, so I’m gonna try and say what deserves to happen to these divas.

1. Mariah Carey – This Diva, will be around for a while yet, and her last ever concert will be incredibly expensive to get into. She’s got a good few years, but will probably start to phase out and remain only popular in America and Asia

2. -Hopefully will break a leg during her performance and wont come back, joking, I like her, and she’s pretty and popular but has no raw talent so when she starts to get old she wont be able to dance very well, she should quit before this happens, so she’s got a good few years, I see her and Kevin settling down and Britney having a couple of children before her next sellout tour begins.

3. – I can see her ending her days as a model and doing charity work, she has a nice voice, and is incredibly beautiful probably the most out of all the divas. I hope she has a couple of children soon. I don’t think she will be able to be as popular when she’s old as Britney or Mariah will be.

4. – She will continue with fantastic songs, but I don’t see her settling down, as everyone would just say she’s copying Britney. I can see her being an old diva, singing to the end.

5. Madonna – will punch Elton John next time she sees him but other than that, I can see her retiring and doing charity work and living a peaceful life.

6. Beyonce – Better in a band than on her own, so Destiny’s Child will be around for a while yet, but one day they will break up and retire. I can see Beyonce trying to have a solo career but I doubt she could make it on her own.

7. Avril Lavigne – I really don’t know what will happen to her, and don’t actually think she’s a diva.

8. Janet Jackson – Will hopefully settle down and have kids and live quietly. I can see her and her weird family all doing a Christmas number 1 special.

9. Jessica Simpson – Will tell her lil sister to shut up and stop making music, but she can still create more songs. She has a nice voice, its original but I don’t see her in the Divas concerts in the future.

10. Anastasia – the only one with that amazing voice, I can see her and Mariah doing a song and it doing really well. She will be there in the future.

If you don’t agree with me, write your own where will the divas be, and we can compare.

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