Where Will The Divas Be In The Future Continued

Contributed anonymously:

Hello again, after how popular my last essay was, I thought I would give it another go with different Divas, and some probably aren’t actually Divas, but I don’t care, am gonna write about them anyway.

1) Kylie Minogue, I’m not sure how popular she is in the USA but in UK she’s quite popular and has won best bum award several times. Her last album I felt wasn’t as good as others she has produced and I see her doing acting or modeling.

2) , I have nooooo idea who this woman is. So you can make your own minds up about her.

3) Shakira, again I don’t know her success in the USA but she hasn’t done as well in UK. I don’t see her doing much in the future, she will phase out I presume.

4) Cher, well, she is quite old so hasn’t got much of a future lol, but she has had a amazing career, an now she’s retired and will hopefully live out her days, relaxing and enjoying life.

5) Victoria Beckham, The only way she can stay in the public eye, is with publicity stunts. I am a huge fan of hers but I can admit she hasn’t got a great voice, but has a fantastic figure. She will as she has already done just be a fashion designer and catwalk model.

6) , Afraid to say again, I don’t know how popular she is in the USA, but I’m going to guess and say she is quite. She has a really strong voice and I like her. She will be around singing for a while and probably try her hand at acting.

7) JoJo, this girl is so young, so I can’t really take a guess at her life. I hope she does well and I can imagine her being the Britney spears of this generation of 10 yr olds.

8) Joss Stone, she’s got a really good voice, but she does look a bit odd though. I can see her staying the in the public eye all her life singing, like a , in actions rather than talent. Saying that though she is a good singer

9) Geri Halliwell, I’m not sure how you spell that, so just going to guess. I cannot stand her, she is trying too hard to be famous and reclaim her solo career. She is the worse spice girl and should not have been let off the leash. I see her going back to being a nobody.

10) , I like her, she grungy and punky mixed with pop. I want to see her settle down and have children, she’s just way cool. She may in some movies an do one more album but then I think she will be passed her sell by date.

One last note, too anyone who left a message on my last essay. That it was terrible or that you wished people didn’t write essays like this, then don’t read them. I wrote these essays to tell people what I think, not to inflict my views on others. Whether you disagree or agree. Thanks for reading this. Kooky777

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7 thoughts on “Where Will The Divas Be In The Future Continued

  1. estephania says:

    Wow, you have a lot of time on your hands. I find it pretty lame that you attempt to predict the future of said “divas” when you hardly know who half of them are. Shakira, for example, is probably the biggest Latin pop star there is, and she’s huge in Canada and the US as well. Stick with what you actually know something about, or better yet, spare us all and get a life!

  2. hellahooked says:

    All the people you mentioned suck but I guess Joss, Pink & Shakira are alright. Anyways, no one can predict that “future” of these artists.. so why do you even bother? lol

  3. jazzprofounder says:

    Um okay. That’s nice. At least you aren’t trying to inflict your views on others, because as we all know, any of us can make a list like this to predict the future of these people we don’t even know, but at the end its all bias and opinionated. But oh well.

  4. Babar says:

    So people, here’s the thing: a complete assessment of Music’s hottest names! Read on.. Madonna is good. She gave us really good songs and her latest album is also good. I mean songs like “Die Another Day”, “American Life”, “Hollywood” and “Nothing Fails” are worth a listen from her latest album before you diss them. She has had a great career and she’s at a point in her career that even if she collapses she will remembered as one of Music’s greatest and we all know this. So its useless dissing her anymore. Now Britney & Christina…. We have grown up listening to the feuds between the two. I love them equally. They only have few edges over each other. Britney is not more vocally talented even though her vocals are the thing for songs such as TOXIC and MATM. I mean imagine Celine Dion or Norah Jones singing these! But here’s a bitter fact: (Before you read this or disagree with it give a listen to Britney’s debut album first and then Christina’s debut album) Christina did sound awfully like Britney in 1999. No wonder people said she was a Britney imitator. I don’t hold this fact against her though. But after a listen to Stripped it is imminent that in reality Christina is a far far better singer than Britney. Care for their music guys not their characters! When you want a naughty song you will not go for Christina’s “Fighter”, you’ll go for Britney’s TOXIC. On the other hand when you are feeling down on yourself, you’ll listen to “Beautiful” not to “Outrageous”. Give them credit for what they are. One advice for each of them: Britney: Stop using so much technology in your songs, your vocals even if they are not very good or powerful are characteristic and individual, Christina: Stop going for other people’s rejects (example: Britney’s reject for “Tilt ya head back” and J.Lo.’s reject for 2003 VMA performance) But I guess you think professionally so maybe you are rite in doing so but for this thing people often say Christina is a reject. Beyonce and J.Lo. …. They may not be related but I’m dealing with them together. J.Lo. is beautiful and she’s a good actress. She also happens to have a sweet voice and therefore she has given us many hit singles. Once again care for her music not her image or celebrity! As for Beyonce, she’s talented. Her songs are good and her vocals are funky. Give a listen to Naughty Girl, Crazy In Love and some songs from Destiny’s Child before you diss her. Avril Lavigne…. has strong vocals and good songs to her credit. She can sing to all types of music and every genre. Shakira….falls in the same mold as Beyonce. In a positive way. Shania Twain….. Now there’s someone who has cool vocals and a happy-go-lucky attitude that is infectious. Listen to her before you abuse this article. Dido….. She rarely appears in gossip or diss-ments but I’ll rank her as of extremely talented. Do I have good words for every body out there? No Way. I hate Eminem. He is a load of crap. That guy can’t rap. He is just getting his fame by controversy. Stan is his only good song. I hate Usher. A no-talent whiner. His arch rival Justin is an identical! These two people I really hate. Is there any music guys I like? Yeah, Maroon 5, Craig David and Enrique Iglesias. They are all great. Evanescence are the most talented music peeps out there. Amy Lee at the helm of music greatness. Alicia Keys and Norah Jones are OK artists even cool. Mariah Carey doesn’t have too much talent to bank on. Celine has good vocals. Hilary Duff, Ashlee Simpson and Lindsay Lohan (And I’m sure Paris Hilton will follow) are as yet average commercially packaged artists. JoJo. Now here’s this cute lil girl full of talent. She’ll go far. Boy bands are over, however talented! Destiny’s Child are my second favorite group (following Evanescence). Kylie follows Mariah.

  5. CravnElias says:

    Predictions? whats the use, you can’t predict where they’d be or what they will be doing in the future… did anyone predict that Whitney Houston would ruin her career and become a drug addict, or Mariah Carey would have a flop called glitter… As for Shakira she is huge in Australia..and Lebanon for that matter, being half Lebanese herself. As for the list where is Brandy or Monica they are both amazing, although they haven’t had the success they once had they are fantastic vocalist and performers… Cheers.

    lol I laughed when I saw “Mariah has no talent to fall back on”…out of all the ones named I say musically she has the most talent and to back it up just look at her #1s and album sales (although she’s been lagging in those areas of late she will be back), not only is she an amazing vocalist, but she is a producer, director, and an amazing song writer…that shows a lot of talent…wouldnt you think?

  6. JLOVER101 says:

    You’re an idiot. Sure, it’s your opinion, but why is it so important that you feel the need to share it with everyone as if you’re predicting the future because you’re in a position to do so. First off, Shakira will be around for many years to come. Maybe not in the Anglo-market, but definitely in the Spanish market because she is truly talented. Delta Goodrem, who? All these other b1tches are not even note-worthy except maybe P!nK, JoJo, and Kylie. The Spice Girls, were are and will always be big jokes. Joss Stone isn’t that popular, even though she’s great. And Cher is a legend, why you would classify her with the rest of these b1tches is beyond me.

  7. teamoroberto says:

    I think most of these artists will just go away. And I don’t think any of the artists you listed are “divas”. Most of them are just one or two hit wonders. Shakira for instance, in the US had two hits (two hit wonder!) so Im not sure where anyone gets that she is popular there. Most people I talk to don’t know who she is or say she can’t sing live to save her life! Singers like Jojo and Joss Stone haven’t even been on the scene for a year! They def aren’t divas and still have a lot to prove.

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