Which Flop Was The Bigger Flop?

Contributed by SJ:

Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez’s music get compared, but has that happen to their movies ‘Glitter’ and ‘Gigli’.

We, as movie goers, have our own way of speaking out and that’s whether we pay $8.50 to watch these multi-million dollar production movies. Both ‘Glitter’ and Gigli’ flopped with critics and movie goers but the biggest flop is the money loss the production companies had to face.

In the mean while, questions have arose about these two movies.
Was ‘Glitter’ really that boring or maybe it just flopped because of its release date.
Was ‘Gigli’ really the worst movie ever or did it flop because of too much negative press. Below is a in-depth comparison between these two movies:

(Starring Mariah Carey)
(Release date: September 21, 2001)
Production Cost: $22,000,000
Marketing Cost: $8,000,000
Theater’s: 1,225

‘Glitter’ box office:
Week 1: $2,414,596
Week 2: $945,287 (-61%)

‘Glitter’ overall total:

‘Glitter’ losses for the production company is just over $25 million.


(Starring Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck)
(Release date: August 1, 2003)
Production Cost: $54,000,000
Marketing Cost: $20,000,000
Theater’s: 2,215

‘Gigli’ box office:
Week 1: $3,753,518
Week 2: $678,640 (-82%)

‘Gigli’ overall total:

‘Gigli’ losses for the production company is $68 million.

In the end, ‘Gigli’ is the bigger flop and one of the biggest movie flops of all-time. ‘Glitter’… well it’s just a flop.

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4 thoughts on “Which Flop Was The Bigger Flop?

  1. vader says:

    Swept Away was a bigger flop then those two. But the most publicized flop was definitely Glitter.

  2. williab0 says:

    I have not seen Gigli, but I did see Glitter and I can honestly say that I loved that movie. I think it did badly because of when it was released, not because it was a bad movie. I think people need to rent Glitter and watch it again. It is really very entertaining with a great soundtrack to boot!

  3. YogiBear says:

    Even Ben and Jho couldn’t bring in the public to watch their movie. As for Swept Away, it was a low budget film so its loss wasn’t so big…Madonna needs to give up movies – seriously.

  4. ballersfantasy says:

    I’m not ashamed to say I loved Glitter. I think the movie could have done better if it wasn’t released the week of 9-11. It sucks for J.Lo though because she’s known to have back to back, etc. hit movies and now she has a big flop on her hands. Oh, and Madonna does need to give it up.

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