Which Singers Will Have Staying Power?

Contributed anonymously:

I just wanted to make my own opinion about artists who i think have staying power (the last person who wrote an essay about it did an excellent job by the way) and those who don’t.


1) Alicia Keys- she may not be completely mainstream and popular like Britney or Kelly Clarkson, but the girl can sing, play the piano, and she just has a down to earth personality that makes her even better as an artist and a person. Her music is heartfelt, hot, and just awesome.

2) Christina Aguilera- this girl can sing. I think the only problem is that she doesn’t know how to control the high notes, sometimes she does it a bit too much, and just in my opinion i feel that she focuses too much on what people think about her. I think if she’d just relax and sing, and maybe have a different sound, she will be just fine. Her last album was terrific, sadly she had to let her new sex image overpower it. Hopefully with her next album she won’t try so hard to prove herself and just let the music speak for itself.

3) Kelly Clarkson- honestly, this girl will probably be the only truly successful American Idol contestant. Her music is fun and it suits her personality and her image. I bet she will last at least 20 more years, maybe longer.

4) Kanye West- now i know majority of us can’t stand his ego, but i don’t think that will prevent many people from listening to his music and buying his albums. His lyrics are deep and meaningful unlike most rap artists, and majority of his songs have a nice beat to it. Not only that, but his music videos are hot! The guy needs to work on his ego, for some reason he’s showing his egotistical side more than he used to, but hopefully he will cut that crap out.

5) Coldplay- not much to say, they’re awesome!


1) Hillary Duff: Honestly she shouldn’t even be talked about as an artist, the girl can’t sing and she sucks as a performer, and yet somehow she’s popular. Even though i think she sucks as an actress as well (how many times will she play the same boring ass teenage goody girl character?) she should stick to her day job.

2) Lindsay Lohan: Why does she have a record deal? This girl is just as bad as Hillary! The only difference is that Lindsay acts way too whiney. All she ever talks about is the media and the paparazzi. I feel her pain, but she gives them way too much attention in her interviews, music, etc. I think she should stick to acting, she will definitely go far when it comes to that.

3) Usher: I’m sorry, but he’s seriously one of the most egotistical R&B artists out there. Sure, his music is hot, but don’t some of you think that he tries way too hard to act like Michael Jackson? That’s not cool, just redundant and lame.

4) Ciara: I don’t understand the hype about her. The Janet Jackson of our time? How? She’s nothing special. Her music is catchy, but it’s nothing different from the other singles that other R&B artists release nowadays. Just like with Ashanti, she’s so popular because she’s a new face in the R&B scene, but not necessarily some special talent.

5) Britney Spears: Honestly i feel disappointed about Britney. She COULD have been such a great artist. I mean lets get real here, the girl was not meant to be some powerhouse, groundbreaking artist. But in the beginning of her career her voice sounded decent, and her music was catchy without hiding her voice. Nowadays, Britney is just a joke. I don’t understand how some of you can think that she will have such massive staying power. She was never famous for her music. As long as Britney does stupid things and starts “controversy” she will have staying power, but not for the right reasons. I can imagine her coming out with more hit singles for 8 more years to come, but just based on her lack of caring, she will probably focus more on family life than on the entertainment business. Honestly i think that will be the best route for her.

Well that’s all i have to say about those artists. That’s just my opinion, at the end none of us will know how long these artists will last, but we will see.

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