Whitney Bails 2nd Jackson Show At Last Second

bailed out of her 2nd planned concert appearance for the 30th Anniversary concert last night and refused to say why she declined to participate, giving only 5 minutes notice.

Deborah Cox filled in for Houston’s duet “Wanna Be Starting Something” with Michael. Some speculated she cancelled because Bobby Brown was only asked to perform in the first show.

Joe Jackson: “Thing With Michael And The Little Boy… Never Happened”

September 9, 2001 – Foxnews.com’s Roger Friedman talked to Michael Jackson’s father Joe Jackson and addressed the speculation that his son had molested the boy he later settled a lawsuit with.

Says Jackson, “That thing with Michael and the little boy. That’s the craziest thing I ever heard. It never happened.”

Jackson replied to why Michael chose to settle the lawsuit saying, “He was tired of talking about it. He would have spent 100 years fighting him in court. It was all about money. All about money.”

Concert Headed To Toilet, Michael Saves The Day

September 9, 2001 – Foxnews.com’s Roger Friedman reports a booing crowd was rescued from a stinker of a concert when finally arrived onstage. Friedman joked, the level of cheesiness was so high the audience looked like it was going to need a drycleaner to get out the Velveeta stains.” Friedman’s review of the show, which concluded with Yoko Ono and Kenny Rogers onstage together, has since been removed at Foxnews.com.

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