Whitney Houston Has Always Been Erratic, Unstable

Kyra Phillips of CNN and CNN Espanol’s Ana Maria Montera discussed the interview on ‘Primetime’ with Diane Sawyer. Montera said, “She’s always had that sort of erratic, sort of unstable behavior. She attributes it, I think, Kyra, to the fact that she got really famous really young, and so she never was able to really have And that sort of getting into drugs and all of that heavy partying was her way of rebelling and her way of sort of living her life as a young woman. I don’t know. As a young woman that’s not the path that I would have chosen. But, you know what, you know, who is to say? The truth is she is fessing up to it. She is sort of admitting that in the end it, you know, it has been her decision and the truth that, you know, the truth that it is.” Read more.

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