Whitney In Furor Over Report Mariah Headed To Arista

The New York Post reports Whitney Houston “went ballistic” Wednesday when she learned was rumored to be headed to Arista after breaking ties with EMI. A source told the Post, “Whitney was bleeped. She and Mariah got into a battle a couple of years ago and she won’t stand for Mariah being on the same label. She’s the diva at Arista – not Mariah.” Without Arista [BMG], the only major label she could sign with would be Warner Bros.

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2 thoughts on “Whitney In Furor Over Report Mariah Headed To Arista

  1. Avantizz says:

    I Luv Luv Luv Whitney Because She Let The World See Her In The Good Light And The Bad Light She Neva Ran Away From You Like All The Rest Of The Singer And Rather Whitney Was Singing Making Movies Or Disney Movies Or Being Bobby Brown She Still Gave Us Her All The good And The Bad Now If That Ain’t Real I Don’t Know What Is

  2. Avantizz says:

    And really don’t think Whitney went haywire over MC Coming to Arista Now Might Have Said Something but I don’t Think She Was Intimidated As The Heading Say If You Read In The Furor Sh**

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